Nothing says love like the meat sweats.


Some people love a bouquet of a dozen red roses. Some prefer steak and red wine on Valentine's Day. But for the sweethearts among us who are more foodie than flower-lover, this beef jerky bouquet from The Manly Man Company is the gift that gives the best of both worlds.

This flower bouquet is a total knockout, getting 5-star reviews across the board. The sticks are purely 100 percent beef (so it's all kosher), and then the stem portions have a bit more variety, with a blend of beef and pork and a medley of spices to give the meat a rich, delicious flavor.

You can snag the bouquet in half- and full-dozen options, and you can pick from different flavors, like the original, teriyaki, hot, or mixed varieties. It's named the "broquet" (clever, huh?), and it comes inside a pint glass with a beer mug and black steel options for purchasing. That way they can keep it as a souvenir once the meat is gone, and it makes the bouquet look even "manlier."

You can take the romance up a notch and get the beef jerky rose bouquet, too. Either way, you can't really go wrong if you're treating your darling to something that dares to not be the typical red roses and stuffed animals. Prices range from $54to $79, which isn't so bad for making the special someone in your life's Valentine's day feel extra loved.

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