Be still, our (beef) hearts.

They're baaaaack! Everyone's favorite duo Addison Porter and Cory Bolton are back in the Allrecipes kitchen with another episode of "Chunks." (Follow them on Instagram here.) This time, they're getting down to the business of Valentine's Day and they are, as Addison puts it, "About to whoop Cupid's ass."

As you may remember from the "Chunks" episode about stuffing an entire tailgate menu into a giant eggroll, the guys' culinary style is less "simple cooking at home" and more "go big or go home," and Valentine's Day is no exception. And while a sandwich might not scream "romance," it does when it's a giant, melty, gravy-topped, cheese-slathered beef heart sandwich.

That's right. Beef heart.

Stick with us: beef heart — when cooked properly — is not only one of the most lean and delicious cuts of beef you can get in these nose-to-tail times, it's one of the most economical. And what says "I love you" more than spending time and considerable skill cooking someone an *actual* heart?

Will the guys convince you to heart hearts? Will they have enough red wine to make it to the end of the episode? Is it possible that this video includes the most epic cheese pull in Allrecipes history or the history of the internet in general? Watch the video above to find out!

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