5 Day-to-Day Habits for a Fresher, Cleaner Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom isn't so bad when you take care of it little by little.

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Bathrooms get grimy from everyday use. Think brushing your teeth, blow drying your hair, putting on makeup, and even taking a bubble bath. While you may clean your shower, sink, and toilet frequently, it's easy to overlook sneaky spots where dirt and debris can get stuck. Plus, whether it's dust behind the toilet or the balls of hair on the floor, filth builds up fast.

Regularly cleaning your bathroom will help limit germs, grime, and clutter as well as more inconvenient issues, such as water stains and clogged shower drains. Most of us, however, don't have time to deep clean every day.

In an interview with Allrecipes, President of Molly Maid Vera Peterson shares how to take on your bathroom one task at a time. Form these daily and weekly habits to keep your bathroom spick and span once and for all.

1. Wipe the Shower Walls

"Using a small squeegee, wipe down water from the shower walls or glass to prevent water marks and mineral buildup," Peterson says.If you don't do this, not only will you see the water stains on the walls, but also if left stained for long enough, the water stains will create a hardened white texture. To best protect your walls against water stains, wipe down your shower daily, she says.

2. Sanitize the Sink

To make cleaning easier, keep a stash of sanitizing wipes near your bathroom sink so they're right at your fingertips. Quickly wiping down the sink and faucet after you've washed your hands or brushed your teeth will leave your bathroom with that freshly-cleaned feel. This prevents both grime and water stains, Peterson says.

3. Bring a Vacuum to the Bathroom

Believe it or not, cleaning the floor will seem less daunting if you make it a daily or every-other-day task. "Keep a mini vacuum or broom in your bathroom so you can quickly clean up the floors before you leave, as hair and dust quickly collect in the bathroom," Peterson says. Don't forget to sweep or vacuum under the cabinets, behind the toilet, and in the corners of the room, where dust and dirt tend to build up unnoticed.

4. Take Care of the Toilet

"If the toilet gets neglected, you're just exposing yourself to germs," Peterson says. Scrubbing the toilet with a cleaning solution keeps bacteria under control, with the bonus of the bowl looking polished and clean. Store your toilet bowl cleaner and scrubber by the toilet for a visible reminder to clean the toilet bowl area.

"You can use sanitary wipes to clean the toilet surfaces to remove dust, as well," she adds. Wipe down your toilet and scrub the bowl once a day to every other day if you're able to. If not, consider once a week the minimum for a hygienic bathroom.

5. Keep Surfaces Clean

"When you have a little extra time in your week, set aside an opportunity to clean all the above surfaces, meaning the shower, tub, sink, counters, and floors," Peterson says. This weekly task will help you maintain a base level of cleanliness. Plus, if someone shows up unannounced, you won't have to worry about hair on the bathroom floor, a ring around the toilet bowl, or splotches of toothpaste all over the faucet.

Pair your favorite cleaning solution with a set of gloves and an upbeat playlist to set the mood, and get to work. And if you're enjoying how fresh your bathroom feels, you can always squeeze in this task another time or two during the week.

Bonus: Once a Month (or Less Often)

Peterson recommends setting aside some time to reorganize your cabinets and storage space each month or so, tossing out anything you don't need. Preventing clutter and freeing up valuable storage space will contribute to your bathroom's overall cleanliness. And last but not least, clean the blinds, the shower curtain, and vent grills as needed for a bathroom that will nearly sparkle from top to bottom.

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