A well-stocked bar is the key to making great cocktails and entertaining guests. Here are 24 useful and fun items to gift to friends or family trying to stock their bar.

By Samantha Lande
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A well-stocked bar is the hallmark of a good host. That's why bar gifts are one of the best options for gift giving. Whether it be for Father's Day, a wedding shower, a housewarming party, or just because, a gift that adds to a home bar is always welcome.

This list of bar gifts goes beyond just the alcohol (although you need plenty of that!). It also includes classic glassware, mixers, tools, and more. You could gift one of these with your favorite bottle of booze, a gentle encouragement for the recipient to give their new gift a test run of sorts. Here, we collected 24 of our favorite bar gifts for any occasion.

Cool Glassware

Good liquor deserves great glasses. Don't leave your friend or loved one to serve aged scotch or fine bourbon in a plastic cup. Fill up the bar cart with classic, iconic glassware for all types of drinks. The best bar gifts are ones that reflect the recipient's taste, of course, so consider making sure they have glasses for their preferred drink first.

1. Rocks Glasses


Make the gift more personal with fun glasses like these rocks glasses from Uncommon Goods. Pick from a variety of cities for an etched glass memento of the recipient's favorite town.

Buy it: Urban Map Glass, $16; Uncommon Goods

2. Beer Mugs

Sur La Table

There's something about switching from red plastic cups to true beer glasses that makes the increase maturity of any beer drinker. These beer glasses make as much of a fashion statement as they do one of maturity. The double-walled borosilicate glass keeps hot hands away from the cold beer, and it protects against condensation.

"These are the best beer glasses you can buy, no joke! They keep the beer cold for so long it's insane. The double-walled technology is amazing, and you can see through it so you are never guessing how much you have left," wrote one reviewer.

Buy it: Zwilling J.A. Henckels Sorrento Double-All Beer Glasses, $26/set of 2; Sur La Table

3. Brandy Snifters


If an after-dinner brandy is always on top for your pal, make sure they have the beautiful stemware to make the moment special. These brandy snifters are designed to offer the best olfactory experience: a bowl shape that enhances the liquor's aroma, tapered glass for easier swirling. Plus, they're just plain beautiful sitting in a cabinet or on a cocktail cart.

Buy it: Circleware Whiskey Glasses, $20.50/set of 4; Amazon

4. Highball Glasses

Crate & Barrel

This faceted highball glass looks like an heirloom with its classic and iconic style. The diamond cut looks like fine crystal, but these are bargain-priced highball glasses. So for people who prefer an old fashioned, Pimm's cup, or tiki drinks, highballs are a perfect bar gift.

One reviewer gifted these with whiskey at the holidays: "Gave these as holiday gifts in a Whiskey basket - these had a nice weight and added a nice classy touch to go with whiskey!"

Another reviewer adds, "I bought these glasses to place on my bar cart and I have been using them for just about everything. They are great quality and will not disappoint."

Buy it: Hatch Highball Glass, $6; Crate & Barrel

5. Wine Glasses


Stemless wine glasses maintain beautiful sophistication while being a bit easier to hold in casual settings, like picnics and Tuesday nights. While they're designed for red or white wine, they'd be great for a little frose or even a pina colada. With more than 2,300 reviews, the glasses maintain more than 4.5 stars, a testament to how well they hold up and how much they're enjoyed.

"After knocking over and shattering the last of the stemmed wine glasses due to the usual clumsiness (and probably not helped by having drunk the wine in the glasses), we decided to try a different style. These are of a nice shape and size, hold about 15 ounces which means you can pour a decent portion of wine and not have to worry about it spilling off the top," one reviewer wrote.

Buy it: JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses, $17; Amazon

Interesting Mixers

If you aren't drinking your liquor straight up and on the rocks, it's fun to have a variety of mixers to play around with. A gift of mixers, juices, or bitters will encourage your gift recipient to try new things, too, which is an exciting way to break in all their new bar gifts. Some of these mixer sets are kits for complete cocktails, and they can be shipped, too, in the event you can't be with your friend for their party.

1. Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit


Brunch it up big with a complete bloody mary kit. In this kit, you'll find pickled string beans, two bloody mary mixes, vegan Worcestershire sauce, and a bloody mary salt. It also complete beautifully packaged for the perfect presentation.

Buy it: Blood Mary Cocktail Kit, $70.50; Mouth

2. Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit


If your friend likes to take the party on the road, gift them a cocktail kit that's designed to go. This four-serving Old Fashioned cocktail kit has everything they'll need for one nice old fashioned: bitters, sugar cubes, and a mixing spoon. They'll just need to bring the whiskey with them. If they like martinis or mint juleps more, good news. A kit is available for those drinks, too.

Buy it: Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit, $15; Amazon

3. Tropical Cocktail Kit


Can't get to an island? Bring the island to your friend. This tropical cocktail kit from Mouth features everything you need for a palm-lined escape from reality: a rhubarb shrub; cucumber-mint and citrus-rosemary cocktail syrups; grapefruit-basil limeade; a bloody mary cocktail mixer; pink tropical napkins; and rocks glasses.

Buy it: Sunshine in a Glass, $100; Mouth

4. Sangria Cocktail Kit


Camp's sangria cocktail kit provides everything you need for a fruity sipper, save the wine, rum, or other liquor. Each jar is stuffed with dried cherry, lemon, orange, and vegan citrus sugar. It's like a party in a jar.

Buy it: Sangria Cocktail Kit, $24; Terrain

5. Tequila Gift Set


Each of these mixers is designed to pair with a favorite tequila (hint, hint), so gift this to a friend who's never afraid of a shot or two. From a tart cherry grenadine to a grapefruit margarita mixer, the curated products in this tequila drink kit is a fun opportunity to try new things.

Buy it: Just Add Tequila, $96; Mouth

6. Fresh Squeezed Juices

Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Co.

Jump to the front of the cocktail line with fun juices everyone will want to try. Look for Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Co. juices at your local supermarket — or order them for delivery right to your friend's house. Natalie's offers fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juices, but they also offer unexpected juices like blood orange or carrot ginger.

Buy it: Blood Orange Juice, $6; Fresh Direct

Buy it: Carrot Ginger Juice, $3; Instacart

Tonics and Bitters

Specialty bitters and tonics are brilliant bar gifts on their own, but you can also gift them alongside a bottle of liquor or a new box of glasses.

1. Tonics


Fever-Tree makes some high-quality tonics worth checking out if you're putting together a bar gift basket. The brand's basic options, like tonic water, are available in most grocery stores, but it's worth seeking out unique options like Elderflower Tonic Water or Ginger Beer for Moscow Mules.

Buy it: Fever-Tree Tonics and Ginger Beers, $5; Target

2. Bourbon Bitters


The name alone draws a great deal of respect from bourbon fans — Woodford Reserve — but the fantastic reviews will draw you to them as a great gift.

"Based on what you’ll generally be paying for decent bitters, these were top notch. I enjoy old fashioned’s and Manhattans. For those two particular drinks these provide excellent flavor without cloying sweetness (which I find cheaper bitters have). Natural intensity of flavor without overpowering the alcohol," one reviewer wrote.

The bitters bundle include four flavors: aromatic, spiced cherry, orange, and chocolate. This is a great building block for some of the best bourbon cocktails.

Buy it: Woodford Reserve Bourbon Bitters Bundle, $40; Amazon

3. Cocktail Syrup


Not every drinking occasion calls for fancy cocktails with more than 10 ingredients. In fact, a beautifully made cocktail syrup and a fine liquor are often all you need for a highly impressive sipper. This Strongwater Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup is proof of that. It's put together everything you need for a fast and flavorful old fashioned. Your friend will just need to add the whiskey, bourbon, or rye — which you could also gift them.

Buy it: Strongwater Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup, $20; Amazon


Mad Men may have brought them back into vogue, but decanters have been a classic bar gift for decades. They've endured a style evolution through the years, but their usefulness has never been second-guessed. Today's decanters are made for all types of taste — wine or liquor, modern or classic, glass or plastic. For a statement bar gift, you can't go wrong with a decanter.

1. Wine Decanter

Williams Sonoma

For wine, a decanter serves as both a way to let the drink breathe and a stunning artistic statement like this one.

"I could not be happier with this decanter- it is both beautiful and functional- I love it so much I bought 2," one reviewer wrote.

Buy it: RBT Wine Decanter, $100; Williams Sonoma

2. A Decanter for Whiskey

Crate & Barrel

Whisky also loves a good decant, and we adore this stately option. "Classic shape with great visual texture (and it helps with grip!) The piece I purchased had no imperfections in the glass and the stopper seems to fit well without rocking about," wrote one reviewer.

Buy it: Brixton Decanter, $40; Crate & Barrel

Bar Tools

Bar tools are essential bar gifts for any home mixologist. The right tools can make or break the drink — and the drink-making experience. Instead of getting a set with multiple tools, pick a few that are ultra-handy and highly useful. Someone else will buy the whole set.

1. A Wine Opener/Multitasker

Swiss Army

Most bar tool kits are geared toward cocktails, so it's great to gift a wine tool if your friend prefers vino. Victorinox has it all in this compact version that has a foil cutter, corkscrew and so much more.

Buy it: Victorinox Swiss Army Wine Master Knife, $155; Bed Bath and Beyond

2. A Citrus Press

Williams Sonoma

Fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice is often necessary in a cocktail, and a citrus press will make life a lot easier. This one gets high marks from users because it's made with materials that will last: stainless steel and durable silicone.

Buy it: Williams Sonoma Citrus Press, $40; Williams Sonoma

3. Muddler

Crate & Barrel

For drinks like mojitos where you want to add fresh herbs, a muddler is a must. You can use it to release the flavors of herbs, fruits, and spices in a cocktail

Buy it: Easton Stainless Steel Muddler, $15; Crate & Barrel

4. Infuser


If you really want to take things next level with your gift, this infuser is a work of art and can create interesting infusions with favorite spirits and herbs, fruits, even flowers. The Porthole is as stunning as it is delicious! Bring it filled so your friend can enjoy the gift in many ways before they make their own concoction.

Buy it: Porthole Infuser, $125; Amazon


World Market

Coasters are a bar necessity; they protect furniture and help people identify their drinks. But why not make them fun for your guests, too? These coasters come with both fun games coasters and coasters that give you new cocktail recipes to try.

Buy it: Bar Games Drink Coasters, $26; World Market

Ice Molds

Crate & Barrel

If you are (or are buying for) an on-the-rocks type of person, then an ice mold is a necessity. Just like you see at the swanky cocktail bars, these molds will create giant clear ice squares or spheres, perfect for a sip of whiskey or bourbon.

Buy it: Peak Clear Ice Mold, $35; Crate & Barrel

Cocktail Picks

Sur La Table

Don't forget to garnish your cocktail! If you want to add a little personality to the glass, you can do it with fun cocktail picks. They're also perfect for holding cherries or olives.

Buy it: Viski Gunmetal Cocktail Picks (set of 4), $15; Sur La Table

Don't Forget the Spirits

When deciding on your gift, don't forget the most fundamental bar gift: the drinks! Here's where the personal preferences come in, of course. Not everyone likes tequila or gin. But to offer the most variety, you'll want to start with a quality bottle of their go-to spirit, whether that's vodka, gin, whiskey or bourbon, tequila, or rum.

From there you can add in liqueurs, flavored spirits, aperitifs, and more. It's also fun to pick up a bottle from a local distillery. A few bottles of red and white wine (maybe some rose!) are also nice to gift as well. You can figure out your favorites from Saucey. They'll deliver your pick right to you — or to your friend if you're not in town.

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