Social media inspires us a great deal here at We love seeing which foods create a buzz on social. One of our editors, Vanessa Greaves, spotted an obsession with banana milk coffee, only available at a cafe in New York. No longer! She went home and developed a recipe, then blogged about it. It was a smash hit!

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Traditionally used in cold brew, we found it adds a nice banana-bread flavor to hot coffee as well. Try it for yourself!

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If you want your chicken breasts flavorful and juicy, you have to try our highest climbing recipe this week. The 70 cooks giving it 5 stars agree its a great base recipe!

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I can't resist coffee cake; it's the perfect dessert-for-breakfast dish. This week's most popular recipe even has a little fruit in it. That makes it healthy, right?

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I'm always looking for an easy lasagna recipe that doesn't skimp on the indulgence. It looks like you are, too. Last week, searches for "lasagna recipe simple" skyrocketed. We've got plenty of ideal recipes for you!

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