Baileys Now Makes a Ready-to-Eat Layer Cake

A no-effort (but no alcohol) dessert.

For those of legal drinking age, there's nothing quite like a nice after-dinner drink. If it pairs well with a fancy dessert course, then all the better. Maybe that's why Baileys, a beverage that combines the best of dessert and drinking into one package, is as popular as it is.

So what if you want your children to enjoy the delicious taste of Baileys, but you don't want to be reported to child services? There hasn't really been a great ready-made product capable of answering that question — until now. Thanks to a recent finding unearthed by @FoodieWithTheBeasts, it appears that Baileys now makes their very own layer cake.

Though the packaging obfuscates what the product looks like, there's plenty of helpful copy to clue us in as to what we're working with here. This ready-to-eat layer cake takes two layers of an Irish Cream-flavored sponge cake, then covers it in a dreamy drizzle of Baileys icing, with added cake crumbles. There's also a whole bunch of chocolate chips right in the center in case you needed something else to entice you to pick this up.

Though the packaging makes clear that this is (sadly) a non-alcoholic dessert, it also reminds us that "your favorite indulgent treat just got yummier," so I guess it goes both ways. Think of it the inverse of their apple pie liqueur and it kind of makes sense.

There aren't a lot of details about Baileys' layer cake that are unclear at the moment, but it looks like this 28-ounce beauty can at least be found at Redner's Warehouse Markets, if @FoodieWithTheBeasts' location tag is accurate. Given that this kind of thing seems like it has Costco written all over it, don't be shocked if it turns up at big box retailers of that ilk.

So if you've always dreamed of both eating and drinking Baileys simultaneously but have always been too afraid to do any actual baking of your own, it's time to make your dreams come true in 2021. Turning on the oven is so last year anyway.

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