Should there be two legs, or four?
two dogs wearing two types of pants
Credit: Bagel Bites

It's a topic of many internet discussion threads and perhaps a few late-night cocktail hours: Should a dog's pants have two legs or four?

Some argue that all four legs of a dog should be covered with pants, creating a "waist" through the horizontal midsection of the body. Still others believe only the two back legs should be wrapped in the tight bonds of a pair of trousers.

So before anyone wastes even another minute on this discussion, Bagel Bites is going to find the answer.

Or, at least they're going to let us officially decide the answer.

This week, in celebration of National Dog Week, Bagel Bites is inviting people to visit the brand's Twitter page and cast their vote: Will it be four legs or two? The poll is already live — and has more than 25,000 votes — but voting closes Tuesday, September 22.

Then, with all the official votes in, Bagel Bites will announce America's pants preference, and they'll open a dog pants shop at where you'll be able to buy the winning pants for $19.95. The online shop will open Sept. 23 at 2 p.m. CT.

This may not be the most highly-anticipated election of 2020, but it's certainly one that's likely to generate some great memes and hot takes. So if America decides on pants you think are preposterous, you can always take it back to Twitter and start another contest you're determined to win — like is a hot dog a sandwich?