This is the way to better cookies.

baby yoda cookie cutter
Credit: ChicGeekTreasures via Etsy

While I refuse to give Disney my money for yet another streaming service, I've heard good things about The Mandalorian. And whether you're familiar with the show or not, you're probably  already aware of its little green CGI star, "Baby Yoda," anyway. Since the character's introduction on the show, the combination of cuteness and mischief has won the internet over, even if a recent decision to eat eggs belonging to a character called the "Frog Lady" drew criticism.

When you take all of that into consideration alongside the fact that we'll all be locked indoors and baking our butts off soon enough, it was perhaps inevitable that a Baby Yoda cookie cutter would surface somewhere like Etsy. Sold in a shop appropriately named ChicGeekTreasures, $4 will get you the perfect mold for turning any bit of cookie dough into something that any hardcore Star Wars fan would love. 

Given that the combination of geeky and cute represented by Baby Yoda is exactly the kind of thing that the internet falls in love with, this is far from the first time the likeness of "The Child" (which I guess is the character's official name) has appeared on something food-related. We've already seen Baby Yoda slow cookers, for example, and General Mills cashed in on the craze with a Baby Yoda cereal earlier this year. If you can slap this little green alien on something, people will probably buy it.  

While we've already showed you how you could make your own Baby Yoda cookie cutter last holiday season, it may be worth investing in the real thing given the low price. While the product itself doesn't have its own ratings, ChicGeekTreasures currently has an Etsy rating of 4.5 stars based on more than 1,800 reviews, so you're in good hands. You've probably bought worse Secret Santa gifts than this. 

So whether you want to blast off to a galaxy far far away for your next holiday cookie project or need a fun lil' stocking stuffer for the Baby Yoda-loving baker in your life, this is the way. Just don't send one to the Frog Lady.