Planters' Baby Peanut Is Now Showing Up on Limited-Edition Canisters

You can buy Baby Nut merchandise, too!

Planters Baby Nut Packaging
Photo: Planters Peanuts

Remember Baby Nut, that cuddly little reborn legume? After making his debut at this year's Super Bowl, Baby Nut is back — and this time he's pictured on the canister of Planters Classic Peanuts.

By looking at the image, we can all agree, that really is one cute nut! You can purchase the limited-edition Baby Nut canisters and packaging at select retailers nationwide starting now, so definitely be on the lookout as you roam the grocery store.

And that's not it! There are tons of other new adventures going on in Baby Nut's life since his big television appearance.

Baby Nut is starting to learn some pivotal life skills and you can help him master his technique. For starters, help Baby Nut learn how to play the classic game of catch. You can visit to teach Baby Nut how to play like a pro. Fans who participate will then have a chance to win an awesome $7,500 grand prize dedicated towards family fun this summer!

You can also show Baby Nut some love by sporting some brand-new Baby Nut merchandise like a bucket hat, plush robe, and more. And to watch Baby Nut's journey as he grows into the peanut you know and love, you can always follow along on Twitter.

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