By Leslie Kelly

That stretch between meals can go beyond a case of being hangry for people who have diabetes. It's essential to maintain steady levels of blood sugar, according to the American Diabetes Association. These top-rated, diabetic-friendly snack foods go a long way toward filling the gaps until dinner. Remember, it's essential to get advice on your personal approach to meal planning from your health care professional.

So Many Tasty Dips

Ever noticed how dipping raw veggies or baked chips into a bowl of hummus or salsa leads you down the path to instant feelings of YUM? A couple of scoops and the hungry edge softens. Just don't go overboard or you'll be tempted to skip dinner, which will surely lead to late-night fridge raiding.

Photo by larkspur

Let's Make Some Noise

There's something so satisfying about foods that have crunch power. Bonus: Some of these noise makers go well with the dips above.

Photo by naples34102

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