By Vanessa Greaves

Cup your hands around a warm bowl of Asian-style noodles and breathe in the spicy steam. There now, don't you feel better? I'll share 8 favorite recipes for warm and comforting noodle bowls you can make at home.

Chinese Dan Dan Noodle Bowl | Photo by Meredith

Try this recipe: Spicy Tan Tan Soup (Tantanmen or Dan Dan Noodles)

Asian-style noodle bowls take comfort food to a whole new world of flavor with exotic spices, pastes, and sauces. Yes, you may have to hunt down some specialty ingredients at an Asian grocery, but thanks to the miracle of technology, you can order just about anything online at a site like

The beauty of these bowls is that you can change up the proteins, add or subtract vegetables, and use any kind of noodles you want. In fact, Asian-style noodle bowls are a smart way to turn leftovers into flavorful new meals. They're time-savers, too: All of these recipes can be ready in 40 minutes or less.

Are they as "authentic" as what you'd find in Asia? Probably not. After all, a lot can get lost in translation as recipes move across oceans and continents. But that doesn't make them any less satisfying.

Asian-Style Noodle Bowls

1. My Chicken Pho Recipe | Ready in 40 minutes

This is a good recipe to start with if you're just getting into noodle bowls.

Chicken Pho | Photo by Meredith

2. Sukhothai Pad Thai | Ready in 30 minutes

Find out what Bes did to make this top-rated dish even more delicious.

Sukhothai Pad Thai | Photo by Chef Beth!

3. Pad Kee Mow (Drunkard's Noodles) | Ready in 40 minutes

Apparently, this is a dish party people in Thailand crave after a night on the town. Good to know.

Pad Kee Mow (Drunkard's Noodles) | Photo by SunnyDaysNora

4. Curry Udon | Ready in 40 minutes

Kayla Mod says, "Honestly, one of the best recipes I have found so far! Really easy and fast to make, still have left over ingredients so I will definitely be making this again."

Curry Udon | Photo by Linda T

5. Jap Chae Korean Glass Noodles | Ready in 40 minutes

"Mmmm... I love the flavor - salty, sweet and pungent." - Momi

Jap Chae Korean Glass Noodles | Photo by lailan sandra huen

6. Pad See Ew (Thai Noodles with Beef and Broccoli) | Ready in 35 minutes

Feel free to substitute pork, chicken, or tofu for the beef.

Pad See Ew (Thai Noodles with Beef and Broccoli) | Photo by squawk93

7. Pork and Shrimp Pancit | Ready in 40 minutes

Every Filipino family has its own way of making this traditional dish.

Pork and Shrimp Pancit | Photo by ALFANN02

8. Beef Lo Mein | Ready in 40 minutes

Sugar eve says, "I will NEVER purchase beef lo mien from any restaurant ever again. This recipe is delicious."

Beef Lo Mein | Photo by lutzflcat