If you're born in the Year of the Rooster, you're straightforward and observant and gold, yellow and brown are your lucky colors. We're all about celebrating the Year of the Rooster with amazing dinners featuring the world's most popular bird. These top-rated chicken dishes were plucked from our vast collection of poultry preparations inspired by Asian cuisine; they're all dinners worth crowing about.

The beauty of this sticky sweet-slash pleasantly salty version is that you can make a regular batch, or go big for a party. Among the more than 100 glowing reviews for this crowd-pleaser, a few cooks suggested bumping up the amount of pineapple juice and reducing the sugar in the glaze. The fruity component, paired with the cane sugar is key for achieving the deep mahogany finish that makes this Japanese dish such a high-flying hit.

Make it a full meal deal: Onigiri — Japanese rice balls that look a lot like sushi, but without the fish or veggies — and Cucumber Sunomono fill out look extra pretty alongside the wings. Especially if you've got a bento box for serving.

Teriyaki chicken wings. Photo via Meredith Publishing

This spicy stew from Korea is super easy to put together from easy-to-source ingredients. Even the chili paste (gochujang) is now available in many supermarkets. That brilliant red paste isn't as fiery as it looks, but remember: You can always add more. If it's too spicy, add another potato to the braise.

Make it a full meal deal: Kongnamool is a light, refreshing salad made by tossing garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil with bean spouts.

Korean Spicy Chicken is easy to make. Photo by ekk0118

Go to a Chinese restaurant specializing in Szechuan-style cooking, and this dish has got to be in the mix. This copycat of that essential dish has more than 800 reviews, many gushing about the heat chili paste brings to the party. If that ingredient's not in the pantry, red pepper flakes make a good substitute.

Make it a full meal deal: While it's not traditional, brown rice is a great accompaniment because it adds a hearty character. And for the big finish, it's easier than you think to DIY Fortune Cookies.

Kung Pao Chicken is so hot. Photo via Meredith Publishing

While these chicken skewers show up on menus at Thai restaurants, the original grilled bird comes from the Spice Islands Nation. Coconut milk in the marinade keeps the white meat from drying out during cooking.

Make it a full meal deal: On its own, satay is a perfect starter, but when you add prawn-filled Nasi Goreng (aka Indonesian Fried Rice), it's an other worldly exotic version of surf and turf. Grilled pineapple brings it all together, though it could also double as dessert.

Credit: Meredith

This treasured family recipe is just the thing if you're missing your Lolah (the Filipino word for grandmother). The vinegar in this easy braise not only adds a tangy character, it helps tenderize the chicken, too.

Make it a full meal deal: Steamed rice is a must, as are a batch of crispy lumpia, pork-filled spring roll that are highly addictive.

Slow Cooker Chicken Adobo
Photo by Snacking in the Kitchen
| Credit: Snacking in the Kitchen

Noodles are a symbol of good luck, so go ahead and slurp up this satisfying creation that's become almost as mainstream as spaghetti and meatballs. This recipe suggests going slow when adding pepper, though it's easy to turn up the volume before serving.

Make it a full meal deal: Start the meal with a warming Tom Yum, either a veggie version of this way flavorful soup or double up on the chicken with a meaty rendition.

Traditional pad Thai. Photo via Meredith Publishing

You'll make this classic chicken dish in the slow cooker! "On busy crazy days, it is soooo nice to come home to this," says Boadecea. "Serve over rice."

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