Pizza and hot dogs for everybody (who's a Costco member)!

After a long number of months, vaccination rates have made it (relatively) safe for states across the country to begin the process of returning to "normal" life. Of course, it's not a simple process of flipping a switch and immediately returning to the way things were. Some stores are still keeping some protections in place for employees, even as they lift their mask mandates. But now, there's reason for Costco aficionados to believe that one of the big box retailer's most uniquely appealing features will soon be back. 

According to some rumors swirling around Reddit, it looks like at least some Costco locations are ramping up for the return to indoor food courts. According to documentation from Arizona-based Redditor AEG84, the famous red tables that food court fans will instantly know and love are BACK — at least in one Arizona Costco. Based on clarification in the r/Costco thread, it seems that there are currently fewer tables set up at this particular food court than there might have been before the pandemic, but still a good sign pointing towards a brighter future. 

costco store but yellow
Credit: Allrecipes Illustrations

The visual info we have to work with doesn't seem to fully conflict with Costco's current policy on the subject. According to their Covid updates page, orders from the food court "are available for takeout," but, critically, that "seating may be available in some locations based on local health guidelines." So as states that haven't already fully done so roll back their indoor dining options, there's reason to believe that Costco's food courts will keep up with the changes. 

Even better than that, it looks like the "limited menu" that these food courts are serving could be expanding as well. Another Costco-loving Redditor replied to mention that churros had finally made their return after an absence from said limited menu. You could argue that the menu might as well not even exist if churros weren't on it, but thankfully it sounds like that may not be an issue soon enough. 

So if you've been counting down the days until you can sit down in a warehouse to eat a suspiciously cheap hotdog, your time has almost come. That's not just a return to normal— that's a return to excellence.