No time to bake? Break off a bit of this new Kit Kat bar!
Kit Kat Apple Pie
Credit: Hershey/Kit Kat

In the early days of 2020, Kit Kat gave us Raspberry Creme. Then, they thrilled us with Lemon Crisp and Birthday Cake. Now they are making us positively giddy with the announcement of their newest flavor: Apple Pie.

Yes, a coated wafter candy that tastes like apple pie pulled straight from the oven. That's what the brand's new release promises — and that's what it delivers.

Each candy is coated in Kit Kat's signature white creme. It's an ultra-rich and creamy candy coating that's delicately spiced with flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. That's what you pick up on the first bite. Then, subtle sweetness and tang of apple flavors sneaks in, and the resulting fusion is the unmistakable taste of freshly-baked apple pie.

Kit Kat is no stranger to flavor innovation. They're also often the subject of many flavor rumors. In fact, last fall, rumor was that the Hershey's-owned candy brand would be releasing six new flavors in 2020: Apple Pie, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Creme Pie, Orange Creamsicle, Cotton Candy, and Cherry Cola. Well, we can't say anything certain about the last four, but the first two are now reality. (So that holds great promise for the others, we think!)

The new Kit Kat Apple Pie will be available at retailers nationwide starting in July, but they're limited edition. How long they'll be around is unclear, so grab a bar when you find it.

Look for them in the standard 1.5-ounce candy bar size (no smaller snacking sizes for this flavor). They'll retail for about $1.09 each.

If you're feeling especially nostalgic, crumble a few fingers of your Kit Kat Apple Pie on vanilla ice cream or into some creamy yogurt. You'll be surprised how quickly the flavors convince you you've just sliced into a freshly-baked pie.

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