Millions of home cooks are visiting Allrecipes today to plan their Thanksgiving feast. By looking at the recipes they are seeing and saving, we're able to make a rough guess at who's eating what and where. Three insights:

1) Better get some butter before it's all gone!

most purchased ingredients

By knowing what ingredients are in the recipes people are looking at, we can infer what's going to fly off store shelves tonight. Millions of pounds of butter, eggs, and sugar will migrate from store to kitchen.

2) Turkey procrastination is rampant.

most popular search queries

Turkey is one of our biggest searches today, but it's dwarfed by pie. Do people already know how they'll cook the turkey, or are they waiting until the last-minute?

3) At 3pm, East Coasters are already at the store.


As of 5:30pm EST, we're still seeing heavy use of Allrecipes from mobile devices on the East Coast—which research tells us means folks are at the store or on their way there. But our home state of Washington leads the it our tech culture or just in-state pride?