Amazon Is Selling a 2.5-Pound Jar of Mini Marshmallows

Hello, hot cocoa season.

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Hot chocolate may be one of the simpler warm drinks out there, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. Fortunately, leveling up your hot cocoa is just as simple as switching water out for milk or cooking it on the stovetop instead of sticking a mug full of powder and tap water in the microwave.

Or, you can just pile on some marshmallows.

If marshmallows didn't exponentially improve a cup of hot cocoa, then they wouldn't be included in the microwavable packets that show up in our pantries every winter. The mini marshmallow's value is undisputed. But if you find yourself wanting more than what the standard pouch of Swiss Miss provides (We all do! We're human!), then you may want to invest in something a little more jumbo-sized.

Enter this massive tub of mini marshmallows, courtesy of Sarah's Chocolate Factory. The 2.5-pound jar is stocked with dehydrated vanilla-flavored mini marshmallows, allowing for lots of opportunities to easily improve a cup of hot chocolate. Just plop some in your next mug of cocoa to instantly make the cold weather quaff even more comforting and delicious.

You can also get these marshmallows in a one-pound jar for $13.99 if you live in a smaller household or just don't want to go too overboard with your hot chocolate toppings.

Personally, this kind of item falls under winter survivalism, but if you don't see it as a necessity, it would make a great gift for the hot cocoa lover in your life.

Plus, when the jar is empty, you (or the recipient) can use it to store bulk foods like grains or rice — so really, it's days of delight and a zero-waste storage solution.

sarahs candy factory mini marshmallows

Buy it: Vanilla Mini Marshmallows in a Jar, $29.99; Amazon

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