Meet the mufgel, the latest amazing mashup food trend. Brought to you by the folks who gave the world rainbow bagels, mufgels (pronounced muff-guhls) look like muffins but taste like fully loaded bagels.

Fruity Pebbles "Mufgel" with Funfetti Cream Cheese
Fruity Pebbles "Mufgel" with Funfetti Cream Cheese | Photo by The Bagel Store

What is a Mufgel?

Scot Rossillo's Brooklyn bakery, The Bagel Store, was the first shop in the country to make mufgels. They look like a muffin that's been cut in half and the center filled with delicious fillings. So far, one of the most popular varieties is the Fruity Pebbles mufgel made with Funfetti cream cheese and sprinkles.

Rossillo also plays with Corn Pops and Froot Loops versions. You can find some varieties with red velvet icing. And if you can handle it, The Bagel Store has a three-tier mufgel made with chocolate chips, Oreo cream cheese, cookies, and cotton candy. For a slightly more restrained mufgel, consider the carrot cake mufgel -- it doesn't include cookies, candies, cereal, icing, or sprinkles.

You can also select savory options. The bacon, egg, and cheese pizza mufgel is perfect for breakfast. And the mozzarella cheese pizza mufgel makes a great lunch.

Here's a mufgel showing off its savory side:

Be warned, though, these muffiny bagels are tall and heavy creations, and you'll need a stack of napkins to get through them. But they're totally worth the mess!

They're also limited edition, so Rosillo is immortalizing his creations on Instagram. The Fruity Pebbles mufgel was the first to make an appearance on his Instagram account. It instantly attracted the attention of hungry New Yorkers who wanted a taste of this latest food hybrid.

Here's the Mega Pizza Mufgel:

Want to try one yourself? Good luck. Every morning, The Bagel Store sells out of mufgels, so it's not always easy to grab one. You may wait in a long line only to discover that all the Mega Pizza or carrot cake mufgels are gone. And because Rossillo's recipe is a well guarded secret, savvy home cooks can't quite replicate them in the kitchen. However, you can get on the waiting list at The Bagel Store -- and have your fill of rainbow bagels and Mufgels delivered right to your door.

Scot Rossillo's famous rainbow bagels, the craze that started it all: