3 Heavenly Meat Pies Worth Exploring for Dinner Tonight

We got a big kick out of the recent mission by amateur space explorers in Britain to send a meat pie into space via a weather balloon. (Why in the world would anyone do that? To get the best food porn selfie of 2016, of course! See video below.) Here are 3 pies space enthusiasts should consider sending into the atmosphere, maybe to the hungry crew of the International Space. These super-rich recipes made the cut because they're kind of over-the-top and everybody knows calories don't count when you eat under Zero Gravity conditions. If you can't achieve lift-off, these creations are sure-fire hits right here on Earth.

1) Chicken Pot Pies with Puff Pastry

Fancy enough to go to a party, yet quick to put together — no crust to mix and roll out — this riff on a classic pot pie takes the comfort food to new heights by adding cheese to the equation. The original preparation calls for dried onion flakes and canned veggies, but many of the reviewers who've made this highly rated recipe beef up the homemade quality with fresh carrots and potatoes.

Photo via Meredith Publishing.

2) Taco Pie

So easy -- just a handful of ingredients and a few steps -- that it's received rave reviews and been made more than 2,000 times. Getting some heat from a seasoning mix, this ground beef mashup should definitely be on your Taco Tuesday rotation.

Photo by Meredith Publishing.

3) Tourtiere

A hearty meat-and-potato pie that'll remind you of your French Canadian grandmemere. Say what? You're not from the Great White North? No prob. This super satisfying supper from Canada gets its intriguing flavor from cinnamon and allspice, fragrant spices that complement the ground pork and smashed spuds. Ooo-la-la and please pass a second slice.

Photo by Meredith Publishing.

Here's the video of the high-flying pie:

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