Amaze with the glaze!

Baked ham is baked ham. Delicious, yes. But where you amaze is with the glaze. A glistening, glazed baked ham is a thing of beauty. The gorgeous glaze also keeps the ham from drying out. And, of course, it adds a yummy sweet complement to the savory, somewhat salty meat. These top-rated holiday ham recipes emphasize the fruity glaze...with 5-star results.

"The sweetness of blackberries, honey, and brown sugar are balanced by the spice of roasted jalapenos," says Whitney Bond. "It's perfect for Easter Sunday!"

Blackberry Jalapeno Glazed Ham
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Cherry preserves, light corn syrup, and vinegar give this ham a sweet, slightly tart taste. "This glaze is divine!" raves Complex<3Creation. "This is delicious as is or even with pineapple preserves or changing it up with different kinds so it can be very versatile recipe. Cherry preserves are still my favorite!"

Cherry Ham Glaze
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For best results, score the ham. If your ham is not already spiral-cut, create your own cross-hatch pattern -- make a series of cuts, about an inch apart, diagonally across the entire ham. The glaze will slip into the cuts to further flavor the meat. Plus, the diamond pattern just looks cool.

Apple juice, lemon juice, and raspberry jam are the lip-smacking combo here. If you like, substitute dry white wine for the apple juice. "This glaze is also great spread over a block of softened, mounded cream cheese and used as a dip or spread," recommends SimplySherry. I can taste it now...YUMMY"

Raspberry Ham Glaze
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Pineapples, maraschino cherries, and brown sugar combine in this simple, sweet glaze. "Easy, beautiful and DELICIOUS!" says Jona Sandau. "I did this with a spiral-sliced ham, and it turned out fantastic. The spiral sliced hams absorb the glaze nicely. Easiest Christmas entree ever!"

Pineapple Glaze for Ham
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A super-simple glaze with brown sugar, apricot jam, and a little dry mustard. "5 stars," says Rachel RedVelvet. "I love it when you can make a delicious meal out of ingredients you already have! And only 3 ingredients at that! Easy and soo yummy."

Apricot Brown Sugar Ham
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The secret here is a combination of mango chutney, orange juice, and Dijon mustard. "This is definitely a keeper," says Denni. "I was looking for a glaze that was a little less sweet. The glaze smelled delicious when I was mixing it, and was even better on the ham."

Ham Glaze
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Orange juice is sweetened with honey and seasoned with cinnamon and cloves in the classic holiday glaze. "Best glaze. Ever!" raves Olympia. "If you're tired of the usual mustard/brown sugar glaze, then this one is for you! And yes, the almond extract does add a little something extra to it!"

Honey Orange Glazed Ham
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Apricot jam, orange marmalade, and hot English mustard do the trick here. "This glaze turned out great!" says Kristen B. "The flavor wasn't too sweet or too spicy, but a really good mixture of both."

Apricot and Honey Ham Glaze
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The crushed pineapple is optional -- but a delicious counterpart to the tangy white wine vinegar and mustard powder. And after the holiday ham, try it on meatloaf. "Absolutely loved it," says naples34102. "The tiny bit of vinegar obviously mellows out the sweetness of the maple syrup and the result was smooth, just lightly sweet, and simply delicious. The juices were perfect to drizzle over the sliced ham for even more of that great flavor."

a small glass pitcher of ham glaze, with sliced ham in the background
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