With millions of home cooks all over the world visiting our site every month, we get to see some pretty interesting trends in what people are cooking. As the summer continues to heat up, so does my quest to keep you informed on the real issue: What's good to eat! Here are everyone's fave recipes right now:

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You were excited to try Berries and Cream Shortcake On The Go more than any other new recipe last week. It will make quick work of that last pint or two of berries you have on hand.

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Largest Spike in Interest

Last week you were looking for lighter fare. You got it with Easy Cloud Bread.

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Fan Favorite

You just can't quit Stuffed Zucchini. This recipe had the highest increase in saves to your Favorites. I get it; it's meaty, cheesy, and (sort of) healthy! Hint: To "favorite" something, just click on the heart. It will go into your personal recipe collection.

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What You Searched For

The Olympics are in full swing, and last week you were gearing up for some serious Brazilian feasts. Searches for Brazil and Brazilian recipes were up by more than 200 percent!

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