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Cook to Follow: Jenny

Jenny Aleman is one of the 55 million cooks who visit every month. Here, she shares the loves and joys in her life.

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Also known as: Jennifer Aleman, 40, of Kennesaw, Georgia.

My day job: I do customer service at Macy's, and I love decorating houses and arranging flowers.

Who I cook for: My husband, Julio (50), and my daughters, Jennifer Hyacinth (18) and Alison Hayley (14).

My signature recipe: The Original Camarones a la Diabla (see recipe below). I also make a mean Grape Salad Bento Box and Parmesan Chicken Bites.

Dish I make that others like most: My Traditional Mexican Molletes with homemade salsa Mexicana. It's tasty and can be eaten informally at any time of day.

In my fridge right now: An organized mess that only my head understands, but it's full of tasty ingredients waiting to be part of delicious meals.

My kitchen is: The heart of my home.

Rare talent that no one will pay me for: I can whistle in many different ways and tones, and I can play the Spanish castanets.

If I had a superpower: I'd want to be able to read minds.

On my bucket list: I want to live in the south of France for a while so I can improve my French and enjoy the local food and wine.

Obsessions: I am a clean freak.

Best advice I ever got: Too many cooks spoil the broth. Also: Work hard and be kind — that's it.

Kitchen tool I can't live without: My silicone serving spoon.

What few people know about me: I was born in Mexico City, later lived in Britain, and moved to the United States about 10 years ago. You can learn so much from a country through its cuisine!

My favorite things to cook: Soups and tacos.

Best cook I know: My mom. She introduced me to so many different cuisines and flavors.

I could tell you my secret recipe for: My Red Thai Curry, but then I'd have to erase your memory before you leave :-)

Holiday success: I made Chantal's New York Cheesecake for Christmas with different toppings, and it was a big hit.

What I like most about Allrecipes: The community has welcomed me and made me feel at home. When I became a member, I'd just moved to this country and was not familiar with many local ingredients. The website taught me how to use them in different recipes. I also love the fact that ordinary people have the opportunity to share their favorite family recipes.

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On the Line

My husband and daughters are adrenaline junkies, but I'm not. They make me conquer my fears and do things I never thought I was capable of. Here I'm zip-lining in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Christmas Crazy

Last year, I got everybody matching pajamas for Christmas—even our dog, Whisky.

This Is Whisky

He's our beautiful 8-year-old Schnauzer-Pomeranian doggy. I love him with all my heart.

We Love Tacos

Having authentic tacos in Mexico was like heaven for my daughters, Jennifer (left) and Alison.

Mi Hermana

This is my oldest sister, Liz, the last time we visited Mexico. She's a great cook and has a lot of imagination creating recipes. We always have fun when we're together.

Stealth Cook

Erika, my other sister (at right), is always there for me and my kids. When my husband and I were dating, she'd help me cook for him, and then I would take credit for it. We still laugh about it.

Photo: Kathryn Gamble

Jenny shares her spicy shrimp recipe:

Get the recipe: The Original Camarones a la Diabla

"Camarones, spice, and rice are the stars of the show in this Mexican-inspired dish. Serve over hot cooked rice and garnish with orange wedges, Cotija cheese, and/or chopped fresh cilantro." —Jennifer Aleman

Photo: Kathryn Gamble

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This article originally appeared in the December/January 2020 issue of Allrecipes Magazine.