By Kimberly Holland
August 22, 2019

Aldi sees your pancake syrup and raises you "lots and lots of epic sprinkles" and "gooey marshmallows."

If what your weekend pancake brunch was missing is sprinkles and marshmallows, Aldi has the answer to your dilemma. In stores now, you can find two fantastically colorful and fun new pancake mixes: Unicorn Pancake Mix with Confetti Marshmallows and Galaxy Pancake Mix with Blueberry Marshmallows.

Aldi Unicorn and Galaxy Pancake Mixes
Photo: Aldi

Each box promises enough mix for 12 pancakes and "also lots and lots of epic sprinkles, magical and gooey marshmallows." For a price of $2.99 per box, you can't pack much more fun into a single meal.

The boxes are bright and colorful — pink for the Unicorn mix and vibrant blue for Galaxy. They'll be sure to pop off the shelves in the grocery store aisles. Finish off each short stack with a few slices of bacon and a scoop of nature's best colors in this easy Perfect Summer Fruit Salad.