Live every day like it's Turkey Day.

By Mary Claire Lagroue

We can't even think about our Thanksgiving menus without craving alllll the holiday foods. And nothing has us counting down the days quite like turkey with cranberry sauce.

But let's be honest. If you roast a turkey, oh, this week, will you want to repeat the whole process come Thanksgiving? Will you even want to buy another turkey? Of course not. We're with you.

Photo: Aldi

So, we're extra thankful that Aldi's Turkey Cranberry Ravioli from Priano will return to shelves November 6. Touted as "Thanksgiving in a bite," the ravioli shells come stuffed with slow-roasted turkey, cranberries, stuffing, and fine cheese.

Consider it the kind of dish you'd dream of making with your holiday leftovers if you had time between shopping sales and vegging out on the couch the rest of the weekend to roll pasta. But it's even better (!) because you can whip up this dish before Thanksgiving. And by whip it up, we mean prepare it in about five minutes.

Just in case you can't get your fill of seasonal pasta, Aldi will also offer Bourbon Sweet Potato Ravioli. Packages of each will cost $2.99 and will be available for a limited time. What are you waiting for? Obviously not Thanksgiving.