The most *endeering* treat of the season. 


We're suckers for ice cream pops, and that fact doesn't change with the temperature. These frozen treats know no season. And if you don't believe us, please refer to Aldi's Reindeer Ice Cream Pops from Sundae Shoppe for proof.

Think about it: Even reindeer who were not so fortunate as to inherit magical traits like flight and sleigh-hauling strength have it in them to brave the elements. And like real reindeer, these pops were too made for cold weather.

Aldi Ice Cream Pop Reindeer

Coming to Aldi shelves on November 20, these precious pops would be perfect for nights next to a fire or even as a post-Thanksgiving treat. (Onto the next thing, amiright?) Plus, the combination of caramel, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream makes these pops a welcome break from months of pumpkin desserts.

So, get ready to snag packages of four pops for just $1.79. And if you're as invested in wintery ice cream as we are, you'll have to check out Sundae Shoppe's strawberry and vanilla snowman pops.