By Mary Claire Lagroue
October 31, 2019

Now that November has arrived, we're stocking our kitchens with food and beverages that will get us through the holidays and all the days between now and then. After all, Thanksgiving, plus the other 29 days of November, equals a LOT of meals to think about. Thankfully, Aldi has prepared to roll out several new products all month, from weeknight sides to special-occasion desserts. Here's a look at what's to come.

Specially Selected Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Balsamic

Available 11/6, $3.99

With crunchy glazed bacon and balsamic vinegar, this Brussels sprouts side could easily find a place on your weeknight dinner menu or the Thanksgiving table.

Photo: Aldi

Specially Selected Chianti Wine Pasta Sauce

Available 11/6, $2.99

Full-bodied Chianti wine comes together with Italian tomatoes, basil, and garlic in this marinara sauce. Keep a jar in your pantry to perfect the art of the last-minute pasta dinner. More of a rosé person? Go for the rosé version, which also includes Italian tomatoes and herbs.

Photo: Aldi

Bourbon Sweet Potato Ravioli

Available 11/6, $2.99

At first glance, this bourbon-sweet potato ravioli would seem more gourmet than budget-friendly. But at just $2.99, it checks both boxes. Just in case you can't get your fill of pasta, Aldi is also selling Turkey Cranberry Ravioli (aka "Thanksgiving in a bite").

Photo: Aldi

Specially Selected Gourmet Macaroni & Cheese

Available 11/13, $1.79

Blended cheese sauce, tomatoes, and oregano flavor this Italian import. Check out the Smoked Gouda and Truffle & Porcini Mushroom varieties, too, if you're needing a break from traditional fall foods.

Photo: Aldi

Park Street Deli Cranberry Chianti Orange Relish

Available 11/13, $3.99

Chianti wine makes another appearance in a November release, bringing a nice depth to this cranberry-orange relish. Spread it on turkey sandwiches, crackers with cream cheese, or even waffles.

Photo: Aldi

Belmont Winter Cheesecake Sampler

Available 11/20, $8.99

When taste-testing four flavors of cheesecake is as simple as thawing a box, you thaw that box. This winter-inspired sampler includes New York-style cheesecake, crème brûlée, white chocolate raspberry, and tuxedo cheesecakes — perfect for party guests with varied palates.

Photo: Aldi

Sundae Shoppe Reindeer Character Pop

Available 11/20, $1.79

Props to Sundae Shoppe for pops that look like cartoon reindeer *and* include three ice cream flavors. Not a chocolate person? Vanilla snowman-shaped pops with strawberry ice cream accents may be the treat for you.

Photo: Aldi

Specially Selected Caramel Crave

Available 11/20, $5.99

In five flavors — maple caramel, apple pie, espresso, caramel ganache, and salted caramel — these caramel-filled chocolates will please everyone. This box of 15 pairs well with parties.

Photo: Aldi

Belmont Egg Nog Ice Cream

Available 11/27, $2.89

No matter how low temps drop in late November, a carton of seasonal ice cream should hit the spot. Along with this eggnog-flavored ice cream with nutmeg and a mild rum flavor, Belmont's Peppermint Bark ice cream will be available just before December.

Photo: Aldi

Aldi Choceur Belgian Chocolate Waves

Available 11/20, $2.59

These Belgian Chocolate Waves (available in salted caramel, dark, dark mint, and milk) would be a sweet addition to a holiday dessert table as long as you can resist snacking on them first.

Photo: Aldi

Specially Selected Apple Tart

Available 11/27, $3.49

This cinnamon-spiced Handmade Apple Tart would come in clutch as a last-minute Thanksgiving dessert. But at $3.49, it's a solid deal no matter the occasion.

Photo: Aldi

Cuvée No 5 Brut Sparkling Tri-Pack

Available 11/13, $7.99

Perhaps the ultimate holiday party favor, who wouldn't want their own mini bottle of champagne?

Photo: Aldi

Barissimo 12 Coffees of Christmas

Available 11/27, $6.99

You could save this set of holiday-flavored single-serve cups to brew during the 12 days of Christmas, or you could go ahead and enjoy them ASAP. We'd understand.

Photo: Aldi