ALDI Expands Curbside Pickup to More Than 600 Stores Nationwide

New Curbside locations will roll out through the end of July.

Aldi Getty 10/10/19

Sometimes you just can't handle the chaos of a grocery store — the lines, the packed aisles, and the temptation to browse for way longer than intended. Plus, you have to take the kids in, and with concerns over COVID ongoing, shopping can be quite the undertaking right now. That's when curbside pickup can come in handy.

Aldi knows this struggle and just announced that it will expand its Curbside Grocery Pickup service to offer even more location options to consumers. This program will roll out and be available in nearly 600 Aldi stores across the country by the end of July. So, it's right around the corner!

The company announced last month that an earlier pilot program proved successful, so the German-based grocery store announced at the end of May it would expand the program to stores in 35 states. You can learn more about what's in store by reading about it online. At, you can access the full selection of Aldi exclusive products and those new exciting Aldi Finds.

If you're looking for the closest one to your home, you can find the nearest ALdi store that offers Curbside Grocery Pickup at or simply open up the Aldi mobile app.

Then simply fill your online cart with those sauces and snacks you've been dying to try or can't live without and select a pick-up time and location at checkout to schedule your appointment. There will be designated parking spots that are clearly marked so you can arrive hassle-free. An employee will be there to help load groceries into your car so you can be on your way in a matter of minutes. Who knew shopping could be so simple!

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