Aldi's Seasonal Gnocchi Is a Bowlful of Christmas Spirit

Potato stars and spinach trees!

Certain people love the idea of an elaborate Christmas dinner. We're talking rare roast beef, a goose, figgy pudding, those popping things, the works. At other times (read: in 2020), it's not quite worth pulling out all the stops in the same way.

That doesn't mean simplicity means sacrificing the festivity and fanfare of a holiday dinner, and a new Aldi find sets out to prove that point. Folks, we're talking Christmas Gnocchi, as spotted by Instagrammer @AdventuresInAldi.

Made by Priano and explicitly labelled as Christmas Gnocchi, this Aldi offering turns potato into stars and spinach into trees, making for the ideal gnocchi dish on a cold winter's night. The bag recommends serving the gnocchi with "gorgonzola sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese" for optimal taste. If you opt to use a tomato-based red sauce, though, you'll both elevate this yuletide culinary creation into something worthy of a permanent spot on the nice list.

Compared to whatever you have to do to make beef wellington, making this gnocchi should be a snap. It's ready in ten minutes, and can be easily boiled or heated on the stove. Weighing in at more than 26 ounces, there's also plenty here to feed whatever small, reasonable gathering of people you may have in your household. Not bad for $3.99.

So if you're mad you have to skip out on the cannibal sandwich this year, you can start a new tradition with some actually edible food that truly feels like Christmas. There's really nothing better to stress eat while waiting for those last gifts to (hopefully) show up on time.

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