Aldi Selling Christmas Shaped Frozen Pizzas

And they're less than $4 a pie.

aldi christmas pizzas
Photo: aldifavoritefinds/Instagram

Perhaps more than any other food, pizza is not confined to any sort of special occasion or season. We've long accepted that pizza is a viable (some might even say nutritionally acceptable) breakfast. I mean, the whole concept of a "pizza party" is just an excuse to eat a circle of tomato sauce and cheese.

At the same time, that doesn't mean that something like pizza isn't worthy of the occasional bit of holiday pizzazz. Thankfully, Aldi is here to deliver on that front. As recently displayed on the Instagram feed of dedicated Aldi account @AldiFavoriteFinds, the supermarket chain is where you'll find two distinct holiday-shaped pizzas fit for any wintertime festivities.

Made by Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen, these Holiday Star and Holiday Tree pizzas are made with 100 percent real cheese and can be easily popped right into the oven for a yuletide treat. The toppings on both pies look tasty, with the Holiday Tree sporting spinach, Cheddar, red and yellow bell peppers, plus pesto. The Holiday Star Pizza makes similar use of Cheddar and red/green bell peppers, while adding in extra balls of mozzarella to really up the cheesiness.

Obviously, though, the main attraction is the fact that these doughs are offered in fun shapes. Anyone who tried making pizza for the first time this year may have accidentally fashioned their dough into a holiday tree of sorts, but this time there's no proofing or shaping required. Truly, a Christmas miracle.

You'll find these December additions at Aldi, where they each retail for $3.99. After a long year, it's at least good to know that frozen pizza can still be merry and bright rather than depressing. After a year like this, that goes down as a win.

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