Aldi's Canned Cinnamon Donut Sticks Are the Hibernation Food We Need

And yes, they come with icing!

Aldi's Cinnamon Donut Sticks are available now
Aldi's Cinnamon Donut Sticks are available now. Photo: @aldifavoritefinds via Instagram

2020 has been the kind of year that makes even the most reasonable, optimistic person want to just crawl into a cave with a ton of unhealthy snacks and just kind of stay there until the world resets itself.

While that's sadly not an option, the good news is that doughnuts will always be here to help us out. And if you're tired of a conventionally shaped doughnut that doesn't come in a can, you might want to plot a course straight for the nearest Aldi right now.

That's where you'll find big ol' tubes of Bake House Creations' Cinnamon Donut Sticks Dough (with icing), and I really don't know what else you need to hear to convince you that these are a necessary treat in your life.

In case you need more convincing, evidence suggests that a 12.4-ounce tube retails for just $1.49, which is roughly the price of 1.5 doughnuts from somewhere like Dunkin' or Krispy Kreme. Based on the fact that the tube contains canned, refrigerated dough, it doesn't look like these would take all that much work, either: Think Pillsbury crescent rolls, except the end product is instead a delicious cinnamon-flavored doughnut that can be covered in icing.

As with all precious commodities in this world, Aldi notes that "quantities are limited" when it comes to this particular product, adding that it may not be available in all stores. They seem to have just hit Aldi stores pretty recently, however, so the hope is that you should at least have a little bit of time to stock up.

When it comes to a "breakfast" that'll help us transition into winter 2020 hibernation mode, you probably can't do much better than Cinnamon Donut Sticks. Sharing them is, of course, totally optional.

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