And there's a pack for every person or pet.

two of aldi's advent calendars for christmas 2020
Credit: ALDI

It's just starting to feel like fall, but it's already time to think about which of Aldi's 20 advent calendars you'd like to use to count down the days to Christmas this year.

Maybe you want to go snacky, with the Emporium selection advent cheese calendar, for $14.99  (available November 4th). Another possibility is a new addition this year, the Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar, which presumably gives you 24 hard seltzers, though whether they're in holiday-appropriate flavor isn't clear. (Would a peppermint hard seltzer be good? Probably not.)

There are options for cats and dogs, plus Paw Patrol, Hot Wheels, and Barbie-themed options for kids. There's a Marvel-themed calendar ideal for a person of any age who loves super heroes, as well as the classic chocolate options.

Beer and wine-filled calendars are also on offer for those of us who prefer to drink our treats around the holidays. For a special treat, you could also go for the Irish country cream calendar, though you should probably note that it only has 12 days, rather than the traditional 24.

aldi beer, seltzer, and wine advent calendars on a white counter
Credit: ALDI

The full selection of advent calendars, according to Aldi:

  • Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar ($14.99)
  • The 2020 Collection Wine Advent Calendar ($69.99)
  • Beer Advent Calendar ($49.99)
  • Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar ($34.99)
  • Choceur Premium Advent Calendar ($4.99)
  • Choceur Advent Calendar ($1.39)
  • Nutcracker 24 Days of Christmas ($7.99)
  • Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar
  • Mattel Barbie or Little People Advent Calendar ($24.99)
  • Spin Master Paw Patrol Advent Calendar ($19.99)
  • Pure Being Premium Dog Advent Calendar ($5.89)
  • Pure Being Premium Cat Advent Calendar ($5.89)
  • Huntington Home Advent Calendar Candle ($4.99)
  • Huntington Home Scents of the Season Candle Set ($19.99)
  • Disney/Marvel Book Advent Calendar ($9.99)
  • Hot Wheels or Cars Advent Calendar ($16.99)
  • Bee Happy Craft Advent Calendar ($12.99)
  • Moser Roth 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar ($4.99)
  • O'Donnells 12 Days of Irish Country Cream Calendar ($29.99)

Aldi's selection of advent calendars were a huge hit last year — customers loved the variety, and most of the calendars sold out quickly. With so many holiday activities likely being cancelled — meeting Santa, going carolling, and big Christmas parties, just to name a few — I'd recommend heading out November 4th to claim your calendar. If you don't make it then, the Moser Roth 12 Days and O'Donnells 12 Days of Irish Country Cream calendars will be released on November 25th, and the Sparkling Countdown to the New Year hits stores December 2nd.

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