As if it weren't already too easy to go down a click hole browsing Airbnb, dreaming of our next vacation, now Airbnb offers Food & Drink Experiences. Truffle hunting in Florence, anyone?

Photo by Giulio the Truffle Hunter
Tasting truffles after a day of hunting them | Photo by Giulio the Truffle Hunter

While Airbnb "Experiences" include a wide range categories like sports, art, and music, the food and drink section caught our eye in a hurry—and then all of a sudden we were in no hurry to do anything but browse. You could almost taste some of the five-star reviewed outings: How about a three-day craft cocktail and beer spectacular in Paris ($330/person); a behind-the-scenes, hands-on tiramisu and gelato experience in Rome ($66/person); a cruise through old wineries on vintage bikes in Barcelona; or cooking in the Chianti Hills of Florence ($131/person)? Yes please, right?

Photo by Gelato Paradiso

Overall, it works pretty much the same way as the lodging side of things. You book for the date you want (most limit the number of people per experience), but rather than a local hosting you in their home, they're taking you out and giving you an insider's look at something they are super into.

Host Juan Arturo (in the cap) and guests take a biking break. | Photo by Juan Arturo

The list of experiences really does go on and on, so we recommend you just get comfortable—and maybe grab a snack. You can browse all the Food & Drink Experiences here and see all Airbnb Experiences here.

Want to get your taste buds primed for one of these outings? Here are a few recipes that'll do the trick: