No creepy costumed rabbit required.

By Hayley Sugg
March 10, 2020
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If your idea of enjoying Easter as an adult involves hitting up the grocery store the day after for on-sale candy, then it's time for a change in tradition. Host your own adult Easter egg hunt, subbing booze for colorful eggs and candy, to have a hilarious afternoon with your friends and family that you'll want to repeat every year.

So how does this work? Everyone invited to the adult Easter egg hunt must bring a six-pack of their favorite alcoholic beverages, with everything from beer to cider and mini liquors being fair game. After decorating the drinks to get in the Easter spirit (we recommend stickers and washi tape), someone will hide all the bottles and cans. Once the hunt begins, participants can collect up to six different drinks, then retire to enjoy their hard-earned goodies, hopefully with a spread of Easter snacks to balance out the boozy drinks.

To get going on hosting your own adult "egg" hunt, follow our simple steps for pulling everything together:

1. Make a Guest List

Figure out who you want to invite to your Easter hunt. You can keep the event adults only, or if you're having friends with children, you'll probably need to have some kid-friendly treats available for them, too. You can keep invites as simple as sending out a few texts, or you can go through the effort of making formal invitations. No matter what form the invitation takes, emphasize that this is BYOB, because you don't want anyone showing up empty-handed by accident.

2. Set Up a Decorating Station

Decorating eggs is an Easter tradition, so your party wouldn't be complete without some crafting. Set up a table large enough for your guests with decorating options like Easter-themed stickers, washi tape, markers, and more. Attendees can cover the drinks they brought with whatever their heart desires.

3. Lay Out a Snack Spread

You'll want to have heavy snacks and appetizers on hand for the party, since guests will need something on their stomach if they partake in their new Easter treats. Make some of our easy snack mixes, whip up a few best Easter appetizers, or serve these simple snacks made with refrigerated pizza dough. Don't forget to have a delicious mocktail or two for guests who don't drink.

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4. Designate a Hider

Pick a friend who is fine with not participating in the search — and can be trusted to do a mix of easy and hard hiding spots. If you're worried about a stray beer or mini bottle of wine getting lost, it may be best for your hider to make a list or spreadsheet of where they stashed the drinks.

5. Throw Your Bash

The guests are invited. The snacks are made. Now it's time to party! Enjoy your adult-centric celebration of Easter and remember to drink responsibly.

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