Heat up your mouth, not the Earth.

Acid League, the experimental fermentation company, is at it again. They've expanded their current line of products, which includes taste-bud bending vinegar varieties and complex non-alcoholic wines, to now include a new range of hot sauces.

But these aren't like any other hot sauces. They're less focused on the searing heat and instead built up with bold ingredients. Each boasts a base of gut-friendly living apple cider vinegar, which is then infused with spices, herbs, and garlic to pack a tasty punch.

"As someone who loves spicy foods but dislikes how overwhelming the heat can be on your palate, I knew we had to create hot sauce that's full of flavor but doesn't overpower the senses," says Scott Friedmann, co-founder of Acid League, in a press release.

four bottles of hot sauce on a white background
Credit: Acid League

And, as a bonus, these hot sauces could potentially help stop global warming. For each set or individual bottle of hot sauces purchased, Acid League will donate 10 percent of the sale to the Sierra Club. This environmental organization focuses on grassroots movements to promote climate solutions and nature conservation.

Currently, there are four hot sauces available: Bangkok Street Food, Sicilian Sunburn, Curry Favor, and Sichuan Five Spice. Each bottle can be purchased individually for $14, or as a four-pack for $48. Read on to learn about each variety:

Bangkok Street Food hot sauce on a white background
Credit: Acid League

Bangkok Street Food

A nice balance of sour apple cider vinegar and sweet honey, the Bangkok Street Food gets its vibrant flavor from a hefty serving of fish sauce. The heat isn't in your face, and instead creeps up, making it perfect for dashing onto noodles, rice, or even wings.

Sicilian Sunburn hot sauce on a white background
Credit: Acid League

Sicilian Sunburn

Boldly tasting of fresh Roma tomatoes and garlic, the Sicilian Sunburn would be a welcome addition when splashed into pasta sauces or onto pizza. Hints of oregano and fennel round out the flavor, with Thai red chilis adding a subtle burn. 

Curry Favor Hot Sauce on a white background
Credit: Acid League

Curry Favor

Curry Favor features an in-your-face flavor thanks to a trio of ginger, mustard seeds, and curry leaves. Ideal for drizzling over a plate of samosas or a bowl of saag, its herbaceous flavor lends to Indian-inspired dishes and beyond. 

Sichuan Five Spice hot sauce on a white background
Credit: Acid League

Sichuan Five Spice

Sichuan Five Spice lives up to its name, touting the heady notes of cinnamon, star anise, fennel, cloves, and numbing Sichuan peppercorns. Enjoy all of its tingly goodness spooned over dumplings, paired with noodle bowls, or use it to pep up tofu.