9 Top-Rated Recipes for a Brazilian Feast

Brazil's culinary traditions lean heavily on assertively seasoned stews, savory black beans, and sauces with a lot of style. But, first, a refreshing cocktail! Here are 9 of our very favorite Brazilian creations.

1.) While the Caiprinha is the national cocktail, this tangy Brazilian Lemonade gets its creamy quality from sweetened condensed milk. Feel free to add rum!

2467303_ brazilian lemonade allrecipes magazine
Photo by Allrecipes Magazine.

2.) Cumin, turmeric, ginger, and jalapenos turn up the volume on flavor in the sauce that gets folks fired up about this Brazilian Chicken with Coconut Milk preparation that's rated 4.5 stars by more than 240 reviewers.

3.) Sweet potatoes and mangoes make this colorful Brazilian Black Bean Stew stand out on your dinner table. If you're feeding vegetarians, feel free to skip the chorizo sausage and ham.

Feijoada (Brazilian Black Bean Stew)
Photo by Melissa Goff.

4.) Beijinho de Coco might look like cookies, but these coconut treats are more like candy. Sweet, buttery bites that typically are sold by street vendors in Rio.

5.) An easy, one-pot meal, Brazilian Fish Stew combines onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes with warm spices and mild white fish for a memorable bowl full. Pass the white rice, on the side.

Chef John's Brazilian Fish Stew
Photo by Chef John.

6.) Pao de Queijo, aka Brazilian Cheese Bread, calls for tapioca flour, which means it's gluten-free.

Brazilian Cheese Rolls (Pao de Queijo)
Photo by catherine.drew.

7.) These pork ribs are simmered until the liquid evaporates and the seasonings are seared into the meat. Mom's Stove Top Ribs take just an hour to cook, but the compliments will go all evening.

8.) Save a whole bunch of time by making Feijao Na Pressao in a pressure cooker. Brazilian Black Beans are traditionally seasoned with garlic, onions, and bay leaf.

Feijao Na Pressao (Brazilian Black Beans in the Pressure Cooker)
Photo by Buckwheat Queen.

9.) Brazilian Grilled Pineapple brightens dinner plates heaped with kebabs and big slabs of steak, but it could also pass for dessert.

Now that we've whetted your appetite, here are more Brazilian recipes.

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