For a while La Croix was the soda water that everyone was talking, but Topo Chico is the latest bubbly water that's sparking delight. This Mexican mineral water has been around since 1895, but has a growing cult following in recent years. If you haven't heard of it, it's probably because it's still relatively hard to get. It's huge in Texas, but not widely distributed in the USA, yet! That's all about the change though as Coca Cola have just acquired the Topo Chico brand and it'll soon be in refrigerator cases all around the U.S. If you've never tasted Topo Chico, and are wondering what all the hype is about, here are just a few reasons to try it.

Topo Chico
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1. It's Extra Sparkly

Topo Chico has the carbonation just right. Some say that bubbles last longer in the glass while others rave that this water has more bubbles than any other sparkling water. If you need to quench your thirst fast Topo Chico is the sparkling water that will do it.

2. Slight Saltiness

This mineral water is all natural and that subtle saline, mineral quality is what sets it apart from other sparkling waters.

3. The Retro Look and Feel

The slender glass bottle and that old-style font make it so instagrammable. It's the kind of bottled water that's good to be seen with. Just check out #topochico and its thousands of followers online.

4. It Makes a Mean Cocktail

Bartenders love using Topo Chico as a mixer as it doesn't taint the alcohol in the cocktail with too much flavor. As it's extra-bubbly you don't have to add so much. We think it would be delicious in any of these cocktails:

If you do happen to end up with a hangover after too many cocktails ...

5. Topo Chico May Cure Your Hangover

This may be just an urban myth, but many swear by this mineral water to cure a hangover. A coworker from our office recommends making a 'Russian Mineral Water' with it, which can really help a hangover. Pour some Topo Chico into a tall, salt-rimmed glass with lots of ice, and 2 or 3 tablespoons of lime juice. Goodbye hangover!

6. It's Hard to Get Right Now

It's the darling drink in Texas, but a lot harder to get everywhere else in the states. There's a mystique around Topo Chico, which no doubt adds to its appeal. The good news is that Topo Chico will soon be available to everyone.