By Leslie Kelly
October 14, 2017

When the weekend rolls around, many Americans cheer on their favorite teams or binge watch the latest hot hits on Netflix or Amazon or Hulu while stuffing our faces. Whether huddled around the tailgate or plopped on a cozy couch, practitioners of this tasty pastime can pack on the pounds if not careful. Here are some satisfying skinny snacks that won't weigh you down. Heck, you could even call this winning lineup of chips (with low-cal dip options) downright healthy #FTW!

We're not going to promise these nutritional superstars are going to take the place of a deep dive into a bag of Fritos, but they still offer the thrill of crispness shattering on contact. The craveability kind of sneaks up on you. After a few, you just might forget about those full-fat corn chips.

  • Calories per serving: 58
  • Baked Kale Chips are the perfect platform for: Skinny Dipping
  • Pro tip: Keep an eye on these while baking -- they're easy to overcook.
Photo by Meredith Publishing

These copycats of store-bought pita chips represent a huge score, because they require very little prep. The payoff is in the super fresh taste, and the freedom to ramp the seasoning up or down. If there are leftovers -- ha! -- they make a great sub for crackers in a bowl of lentil soup.

  • Calories per serving: 130
  • Perfect Pita Chips make a perfect platform for: Roasted Garlic Tzatziki
  • Pro tip: Take them in a leaner direction by skipping the olive oil.
Photo by Meredith Publishing

This one charges down the field toward the goal by combining fresh lime juice with a bit of oil, so the tortillas are infused with flavor as they bake, chili powder and salt finishing the whole crunchy creation like a 60-yard pass completion. Fans might have a hard time believing these weren't cooked in a deep fryer, but the calorie count screams "low fat!"

  • Calories per serving: 147
  • Baked Tortilla Chips make a perfect platform for: Savory Mango Guacamole
  • Pro tip: Make a second batch without the chili powder for your spice wimp friends and family.
Photo by Knancy

When maple syrup meets cayenne pepper on a sweet potato, well, magic happens. Because sweet + heat is a classic contrast, akin to when two great teams clash on the field. So much drama, it's bound to get your heart racing.

  • Calories per serving: 253
  • Spicy Sweet Potato Chips make a perfect platform for: Texas Caviar
  • Pro tip: If you've got a crinkle cutter, these are extra good with ridges.
Photo by Meredith Publishing

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