By Leslie Kelly

Days are numbered for the year 2016, and it was a totally fun ride on our Allrecipes social channels. Thanks for clicking, sharing, commenting, liking, and loving our recipes, videos, and articles. We're grateful to have such an engaged community. Here are the delicious Facebook posts and mouthwatering Pins that were our biggest hits.

1) Fried Cabbage with Bacon and Garlic

A humble head of cabbage transforms under the salty sway of bits of bacon and mellow garlic. This perennial winner is one of many fried cabbage recipes, but the only one that enjoys superstar status of 500 glowing reviews.

2) Awesome Pasta Salad

This ultra-satsifying preparation was the smash sensation of summer, and the video shows why. It's super easy to put together, but tastes like you spent tons of time creating the combination of flavors that knocks it right out of the sun-drenched park. Since its debut, more than 900 have made it.

The numbers on Facebook: 4 million views and more than 90,000 shares.

3) Spinach and Feta Turkey Burgers

Another summer time dazzler that proves simple ingredients can add up to truly spectacular results. Throw these on the grill instead of the traditional beef burger and get ready for tongues to wag, gushing complements. So. Much. Flavor.

The numbers on Facebook: 13 million views and 182,000 shares

4) Butter Pecan Cheesecake

If pecan pie and cheesecake had a baby, it would look a lot like this massively popular treat. Thanks to the fans who weighed in sharing great tips on how to make it rise to higher heights by toasting the pecans before folding them into the mix.

The numbers on Facebook: 2,6oo likes and same for shares.

Photo by DebC

5) Magical Chocolate Bars

Sure, you could grab a box of ice cream bars at the supermarket, but this DIY version takes the cool treat to Next Level status. And watching this quick vid obviously had magical powers over the millions who watched it.

The numbers on Facebook: 3.6 million views with 555 comments.

6) Honey-Garlic Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs

7) Mexican White Cheese Dip

Forget about that block of bright orange cheese, white is the new black when it comes to the gooey dip every tortilla chip wants to be smothered in. The copycat Queso Blanco sure got people fired up on Pinterest.

8) The Best Thai Coconut Soup

Bright, slightly fiery flavors make this dish stand out, but also it's just so darned pretty in the big bowl. So many pinning cooks warmed up to this quick, amazing meal.