Put the "thanks" in Thanksgiving with thoughtful, handmade presents for your holiday guests.

Allrecipes and Better Homes & Gardens are teaming up to help you have a Thanksgiving to remember.

1. Jar of Treats

Fill jelly jars with spiced nuts or dried fruit. Top each jar with a square of linen and tie it with waxed twine.

a small square white dish of candied pecan halves on a blue background
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2. Candy Corn on the Cob

Nestle clean corn husks inside clear, rectangular treat bags. Fill with harvest-color jelly beans and tie the ends with twine. Put one at each place setting.

3. Glass Trivets

Make fun holiday trivets by affixing paper designs to the bottom of glass candle coasters with decoupage medium. Let dry, and tie up a set for each guest with colored ribbon.

4. Tree of Life

Give the gift of a long-lasting tree. At you can plant a tree in someone's honor. At dinner, you can present a certificate tied to a burlap-wrapped twig.

5. Souvenir Menu

Choose a pretty computer font and print out your Thanksgiving menu. Pop into small picture frames. Tie up a few stalks of millet, wheat, or other seasonal grasses with colorful ribbon, and adhere to the frame with a dab of hot glue. Set a frame at each place setting.

6. Cornhusk Candles

Soak cornhusks in warm water for a minute, then wrap tightly around a votive candle holder and hold in place with a rubber band. Trim excess husk at top and bottom. Twist a thin length of husk and tie it around the center of the wrapped votive. Remove the rubber band. Let dry, then place a cornhusk-wrapped votive candle holder at each table setting.

7. Mini Cookbook

Create a mini cookbook as a fun and useful take-home gift. Print out favorite cookie recipes, dishes from your Thanksgiving menu, or try these mini cookbooks from

8. Seasonal Sips

Customize a favorite bottle of wine with a pretty wine label. For extra "wow" you can offer wine-and-cheese pairing tips to go with the wine you choose.

Get set for a very happy Thanksgiving!