Carrots, like many other vegetables, are best cook just to al dente. Overcooking carrots makes them less sweet and less flavorful. So, find your own happy balance between tenderness and flavor, and get eating!

"I was skeptical of this recipe, but this will definitely be served again and again," says fifi. "Everyone raved about the piquant flavor that the white wine adds to the primarily sweet roots. The beautifully colored array made a wonderful presentation."

Savory Roasted Root Vegetables
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"This has become a family favourite in our house," says Mrs. Wynter. "The biggest problem with this recipe is that no matter how much I make there never seems to be enough!"

Sauteed Carrots and Leeks
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"I always liked carrots but I LOVED this," moonchyldcrab82. "I could eat a whole bowl of these as a meal."

Maple Dill Carrots
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"Is there a 6th star I can add? The sauce is amazing!" says lundy. "I used freshly ground almond butter and made extra."

Raw Pad Thai
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"I make this soup all the time, especially when I have a lot of carrots," says chickremedy. "However, I add the fresh cilantro at the end before I blend. That way you can actually taste it!"

Carrot Chile and Cilantro Soup
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On the sweet side...

"I have baked this recipe several times, and I have lost count of how many people search me out to get the recipe," says Andrea. "It is absolutely fantastic...tastes like candy! I follow the recipe exactly, and it turns out perfectly every time."

Carrot Souffle
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"I'm in love with this pie and so was everyone else at my dinner table last night," says Alessandra Martellacci. "So much better than pumpkin, in my opinion, and very cost effective."

Carrot Pie
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Grand finale!

You had to know it was coming: carrot cake. But not just any carrot cake. 4,700 Allrecipes member rate this one a full five stars!

"This recipe made two delicious cakes that came out better than I could have hoped," says Saavedra. "This was the first carrot cake I've ever made, so I was very proud. The result was a moist, addicting cake that everyone loved! I will be using this recipe again for sure."

Carrot Cake III
Photo by sarah

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