A digital scale may just be the answer to lighter, fluffier cakes.

By Vicky McDonald
Updated December 16, 2020

I know many of you are fond of baking with your cups, but making better cakes is just one of the many great reasons why a kitchen scale is a far better tool in the kitchen. Read on and see why you really need to start using a digital scale for better baking... and maybe say goodbye to those cups!

Why Buy a Digital Scale

1. A digital scale is more accurate.

This is especially important with baking, where too much or too little flour can mean the difference between a dry and rubbery cake or a light and fluffy one. Measuring ingredients using cups is not reliable, as it depends on how tightly you pack the ingredients into the cup. You don't need to heap or tightly pack any of your ingredients on a scale, it will always measure ingredients precisely, ensuring your cake will taste exactly how it should.

2. You create fewer dirty dishes.

Cups are messy, too. You need to wash them every time you use them. With a scale no washing is required, as you can measure your ingredients in the bowl you are already using and zero the scale between each addition. Win!

3. You need fewer gadgets.

Scales are more efficient. As you have only one tool to use, and no washing up, you've already saved yourself some time.

4. They won't get lose in the tool drawer.

Scales are easier to store and find. I have one digital scale, and it's easy to find. I have a whole plethora of cups and I can never seem to find the right one.

5. You can measure any way you like.

Scales offer a huge variety of measurements –lbs, ounces, fluid ounces, milliliters and grams. This means you can cook any recipe without lots of pesky conversion. Cups can only measure by volume.

6. They can be used for many other things, too.

Scales are great for portion control. If you are on a diet and need to weigh out what you're eating, it's so much easier with a scale than messing about with a cup.

7. You can easily bake international recipes.

Cup sizes are not the same everywhere in the world. In Australia one cup is 250ml; in Canada it's 227mls; in Japan it's 180mls. So, if you find a great recipe from a Canadian or Australian website, your regular American cups are not going be accurate. This is getting complicated. Just do yourself a favor and buy a digital kitchen scale, which is a universal measurement tool.

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