French fries are one of those foods that you don't really need to dress up to make good. They just are good, pretty much all the time. But sometimes it's fun to add a little kick--a little garlic, a little bacon, maybe some Jalepeno. Yep, you'll be able to keep your taste buds—and burger night—happy and fresh with these seven recipes for next-level French fries.

1. Chef John's French Fries

There's nothing like the classics, and this recipe from Chef John reveals a little-known secret: "Any decent French fry needs to be twice fried," he writes in this recipe post. "The first frying in done at a lower temperature, which softens the potato and prepares the starchy surface for the second frying's crispification."

2. Oven Baked Garlic and Parmesan Fries

Thyme, Parmesan, and parsley make for a "highly addictive" oven-roasted French fry recipe according to recipe reviewer, Jillian.

3. Curried Cottage Fries

Clearly a fan of Melanknee's curry, paprika, and Parmesan combo (though these are baked, not fried), recipe reviewer Valerie Weiler-Hinch declares, "THIS is how I'm going to roast potatoes from now on!!"

4. Salt and Pepper Skillet Fries

A quick, skillet-friendly recipe, reviewer cheftoonces says, "I used to bake our homemade fries, but in the summer, I was looking for an easy stove top version. I found this recipe and I like it even better!!"

5. Bacon Fries

"If French fries weren't already perfect by themselves, now make them even more awesome by wrapping bacon around them," notes recipe submitter, Christopher Nance-Boykin of this oven-roasted indulgence. Sounds like a plan to us!

6. Nene's Jalapeno Hot Fries

Soup Loving Nicole says these deep-fried French fries with jalepeno chili oil, jalepeno pepper and jalepeno hot sauce by JEANENNE1 were "SO flavorful but not overwhelming in the heat department." Sounds like spicy fry perfection.

7. Cajun Baked French Fries

These oven-roasted fries with a dose of Cajun seasoning are quite the crowd-pleaser: "These are absolutely amazing fries," says recipe reviewer, pryors4 of Kristina Harrison Krueger's recipe. "Even my picky kids love them!"

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