7-Eleven's Slurpee Day Returns for the Biggest Celebration Ever

What better way to celebrate 7-Eleven's 95th birthday than with a free Slurpee (and 11 whole days to claim it)?

7-Eleven Slurpee in stores
Photo: 7-Eleven/Allrecipes

What could be better than a 7-Eleven Slurpee on a hot summer day? How about a free 7-Eleven Slurpee on a hot summer day? That's right, 7-Eleven's Slurpee Day is upon us — and this year the celebration is bigger than ever before.

Traditionally, 7-Eleven offers a free Slurpee to celebrate its birthday on July 11. But this year, the celebration will span 11 days to celebrate the convenience store's 95th birthday. 7-Eleven was founded in 1927 as an icehouse storefront in Dallas, Texas, and can now be found anywhere and everywhere.

Starting July 1, 7Rewards and Speedy Rewards members will see a coupon for one free small Slurpee loaded into their account. The coupon can be redeemed at any 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Stripes stores through July 11 via the 7-Eleven or Speedway apps. Simply scan and then sip (slowly to avoid a brain freeze of course).

Customers can choose from the classic Slurpee flavors, like Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Pina Colada, or Coca-Cola — or try the new mystery Slurpee flavor, What the Fanta. The free Slurpee will be served in an exclusive Slurpee Day cup to commemorate the celebration. Who can resist a cold slushie?

And the 95th birthday celebration doesn't stop there. Alongside a Slurpee, customers can enjoy select foods for just $1. From hot dogs and taquitos to muffins and coffee, these Dollar Deals are available from July 1 through July 11. Simply check your 7Rewards or Speedy Rewards account to see the list of Dollar Deals being offered.

Slurpee Day 2022 is the gift that keeps on giving because even after customers have redeemed their free drink, they can snag more small Slurpees for just $1 all summer long. The $1 Slurpee deal can be redeemed at 7-Eleven, Speedway, Stripes, and 7NOW delivery for the rest of the summer.

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