With some simple tweaks (think: stick an egg on it), you can transform dinner leftovers into satisfying breakfasts and brunches. Whether you've got too much pizza or some leftover beans, you can serve up tasty, easy day starters thanks to last night's meal. Here are some of our favorite morning-ready dishes made from leftover dinners:

1. Leftover Pizza Breakfast Casserole

This is genius. Chopped up pieces of leftover pizza get folded into a cheesey egg custard for an all-in-one breakfast in a casserole pan. Serve it with some fresh fruit or some greens and you're fueled for a good slice of the day.


2. Oven Baked Omelet

Here's a versatile technique that'll make use of pretty much any leftover dinner protein you might have, from chicken to stir-fried tofu: Make this fluffy oven-baked omelet. It's the perfect way to feed a hungry crowd. Plus, you can toss whatever leftover meat or greens or beans are in the fridge from the night before.

Photo by naples34102

3. Breakfast Cups

Similarly, these breakfast cups are a great way to transform dinner into the morning meal. And these little guys have the added benefit of being totally portable -- perfect for tucking into lunch boxes on the way to school or work.

breakfast cups
Credit: footballgirl16


4. Rice

Made too much rice last night? Did the takeout place send you an extra portion? Add some scrambled eggs and it becomes breakfast rice. Or, plop a perfect fried egg on top. An easy-peasy, comforting way to start the day.

breakfast rice
Photo by Breakfast Nana

5. Breakfast Bowls

If you made a pot of beans for dinner and have some left over, here's a wake-you-up solution. This completely customizable vegetarian bowl is packed with protein, fiber and good fats.

black bean breakfast bowl
Photo by Sherri

6. Champagne Pancakes

OK. So champagne doesn't really count as dinner. Most nights. (Don't judge.) But we couldn't resist sharing these fluffy pancakes made with that last bit of bubbly from the night before. Didn't save any champagne? Well, here's the perfect excuse to open a new bottle. Cheers!

7. Omelette as Burger Bun

Burgers for breakfast? Of course. This Bacon Cheeseburger Omelet is perfect for leftover burger patties. "This recipe raises the bar on brunch menus," raves Buckwheat Queen. "I dressed it like I do cheeseburgers, adding mustard and pickled jalapenos. Wow! It was awesome. Just add a side of flapjacks and you're good to go for your brunch table."

Bacon Cheeseburger Omelet
Photo by Buckwheat Queen

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