6 Unusual Ways To Eat Chocolate Creme Eggs

If you think that Cadbury Creme Eggs are perfect just the way they are, be prepared to have your entire belief system challenged as you scroll through a half-dozen new ways to get your creme egg on.

1. Wrap them in croissant dough and bake until golden and oozy!

Get the recipe for Caramel Egg Stuffed Easter Croissants from Sarah at tamingtwins.com.

2. Stuff them into chocolate chip cookie cups.

Get the recipe for Cadbury Cream Cookie Cups from Katrina at inkatrinaskitchen.com.

3. Wrap them in wontons, and fry until browned and crispy!

Get the recipe for Deep Fried Cadbury Eggs from Amy at ohbiteit.com.

4. Crack 'em and stuff 'em in your brownies.

Get the recipe for Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies from Roz at dutchessroz.com.

5. Top your whipped cream-stuffed, chocolate-slathered pancakes with them.

Get the recipe for Creme Egg Pancake Stack by Jaqueline Meldrum at greatbritishchefs.com.

Cheesecake. Yes: cheesecake.

Get the recipe for Creme Egg Cheesecake from Sarah at tamingtwins.com.

6. BONUS: Crack an egg over your creme brulee.

Brulegg. Sharon Hood McConnell

Here's a recipe for Creme Brulee by COOKALOT. Above photo by Sharon Hood McConnell.

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