6 Droolworthy Reasons You Should Eat Dinner For Breakfast

Breakfast for dinner is a time-honored tradition, so why not switch things up and serve dinner dishes in the A.M.? Here are 6 sweet and savory eye-openers.

101952161 Chicken and waffles via Meredith for post on dinner for breakfast
Chicken and waffles. Photo via Meredith.

1) Chicken and Waffles

This one-time novelty has been embraced as a mainstream classic -- thank you, Roscoe's! -- because it sounds weird but tastes wonderful. If you want to skip the extra carbs, it's perfectly acceptable to eat a piece of cold, leftover chicken on its own while sipping your morning latte.

BKS034604 chess pie via Meredith
Chess pie offers a pretty good excuse to eat dessert first thing in the morning. Photo via Meredith Publishing.

2) Buttermilk Chess Pie

This Southern staple's got eggs and dairy, so it's kind of like a sweet version of a quiche. And who doesn't get excited about a slice of pie for breakfast?

3) Ramen

It's a steamy bowl of comfort food that's slurped around the clock in some parts of the world, so why not give oatmeal a pass and go for this warming way to start a day? Bonus points for being quick and easy to fix.

Loco Moco by Soup Loving Nicole
This lovable mashup from Hawaii features a burger topped with gravy and fried egg. Photo by Soup Loving Nicole.

4) Breakfast burger

Put an egg on it, serve it on a bed of rice and call it Loco Moco, the iconic creation from Hawaii that's brilliant from the first wave to the final rays over Sunset Beach.

5) Mashed potatoes and sausage gravy

Taters don't need to be hashed and brown to make it on the morning menu. This mashup swaps out the biscuit and replaces it with a big pile of fluffy spuds. Add an egg and promise you won't get hangry until well into the lunch hour. Watch this video on how to make the best sausage gravy and try not to drool on your keyboard!

breakfast meatloaf
Make meatloaf with pork sausage for a juicy twist on the traditional. Photo by Leslie Kelly.

6) Meatloaf

Make this beloved dish with pork sausage and you've transformed the standard fave into something that looks familiar and tastes like the very best version of a juicy sausage patty. Great for feeding a crowd. In fact, why not invite a bunch of friends over for a #DinnerForBreakfast potluck (use the hashtag on social media and I'll share the best photos) and challenge everybody to step up to the plate with something spectacular.

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