Summer is for lounging on deserted beaches, floating down rivers on inner tubes, and generally seeking out those secret spots where the rest of the world can't find you. Unfortunately, those places don't have drink service—enter: canned cocktails. All your favorite poolside sippers in pop-top form. So, what's your poison?

If you close your eyes long enough, this Brazilian favorite might just make you feel like you're there. Maybe?? Okay, well definitely if you drink enough. See if they are available near you.

With four flavors to choose from, we couldn't possibly play favorites. The tough job of choosing is all you. $14.99 for a 4-pack: Buy them here.

Not to be confused with wine coolers. These are fancier. You know, because we're adults, now. These low-cal and low-carb cans come in French 75, a blood orange spritz, and more. $2.99 each: Buy them here.

These little cans of 84-proof combination of rye whiskey, raw honey, naval oranges, and angostura bitters pack a real punch. (That's our way of saying, they're strong, y'all.) See if they're available near you.

Can can—we see what they did there, and we like it. With a variety of flavors to choose from (white linen, boar's bourbon root beer, and more), we like it a lot. See if they're available near you.

Made from craft vodka, natural ginger and lime flavor, and real beet sugar (no high fructose corn syrup—yay!), these cocktails brag they "can go where glass cannot." See if they're available near you.

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Image by Punching Muel

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