By Leslie Kelly
December 02, 2015

Small but mighty.

There are two main reasons why mini desserts are really catching on. 1) Sometimes, you just want a little bite of something sweet after a meal instead of a massive slab of whatever. 2) Mini bites let you sample lots of different desserts. Here are some satisfying mini desserts that are perfect for feeding a holiday crowd.

"This was my first attempt at cheesecake and it was wonderful!" raves nkuhl1 "Brought these to a party and everyone thought that I baked all day, took me less than an hour. Super easy and flavorful."

With mini marshmallows on top, these cuties are "great for holiday dinner parties or sweet appetizers!" says NCANNIS.

Mini Sweet Potato Pies
Photo by Chef Mo

Ita, a member from Northern Ireland, uses star shaped cookie cutters for the dough "so they look nice and festive." Another reviewer had good luck subbing the water in the pie crust with OJ, adding to the citrus flavor.

mini orange mince pies
Photo by Ita

Everything you love in a full-size pumpkin pie, but scaled down to bite-size. This recipe makes about 42 little tarts; perfect for a holiday gathering.

Pumpkin Patch Tarts
Photo by fabeverydayblog

Granny Smiths are brilliant in these teeny pies, created by Lisawas, who uses a little tapioca to add body to the filling. You can weave a little lattice topper or do a simple lid as shown. Be sure to pierce the top to let out the steam.

Mini Apple Pies
Photo by Reb

Passion fruit icing gives these gems from Ruth T a tropical twist.

Mini Coconut Cupcakes with Passion Fruit Icing
Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

It's two tiny desserts in one! A creative mash-up that combines Turtles candies and pecan pie. They're warm and gooey with melted chocolate drizzled over the top.

It's the holiday season's favorite pie, served in individual portions. Reviewer Kathya says, "It's about as close as you can come to pumpkin pie without all the laborious steps it takes to achieve a great pie."

Easy Pumpkin Pie Squares
Photo by CC<3's2bake

Reviewer Harreld D Webster Jr describes these squares as, "mini pecan pies with a buttery shortbread crust." Make sure to use pure maple syrup for that sweet, maple flavor.

"These are amazing! I made these for a meeting where 40 people attended, and received rave reviews from everyone who tried one," says reviewer Andrea. "After trying, my family has requested that I make these for Thanksgiving!"

Pecan Tassies
Photo by HurdBird

"A yummy one-biter! Whenever I ask 'what can I bring?' these top the list," says recipe creator debbie eckstein. "Sweet cinnamon-scented apples held in a buttery crispy oatmeal cup and crunchy sweet topping."

plate of Apple Crisp Cups
Photo by CC<3's2bake
| Credit: CC<3's2Bake

Use a mini cupcake or muffin pan to get the "pie effect" with these pecan pie cookies. Reviewer mkcsem says, "They turned out fantastic. My pickiest of eaters couldn't eat enough. Will definitely make again!"

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