5 Times Hash Browns Saved Dinner

These unbelievably delicious hash brown recipes are perfect for busy nights. Turn those humble hashbrowns into exciting dishes for dinner. You might want to add these items to your list of answers when wondering what to cook for dinner?

Yes, of course, hash browns are magical in the morning, all crispy and golden and ready to soak up the runny yolks making a yellow river on your breakfast plate. But those shredded taters also are versatile enough to make the leap to the dinner table. On a recent weeknight, I turned leftovers into meatloaf hash, a hot hit that inspired me to look around for more hash brown-centric dishes that make sense as a supper star. Here are 5 to try.

1. Hash Brown Hot Dish Stuffed Peppers

This comfort food creation was meant as a tribute to memories of cafeteria chow, but the experiment exceeded expectations: "When we got around to trying it out, we were pleasantly surprised. Beats your old school cook's tater tot hot dish!" said recipe author Beckerkorn. Blanching the peppers helps mellow the flavor.

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Photo via Meredith Publishing.

2. Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup with Bacon and Hash Browns

A riff on the classic split pea, this hearty soup is a prime candidate for doubling the recipe and freezing leftovers. It also proves that hash browns can be a stand-in for potatoes in soups and stews. No more peeling and chopping spuds. Dinner couldn't be easier.

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Photo by Sugarplum.

3. Cheesy Hash Browns Quiche

What happens when you top the French-inspired egg pie with cheese and shredded potatoes? A satisfying mashup of two fab dishes that are appropriate at any hour of the day. Because this version is crust-less, be sure and oil the baking pan to prevent sticking and make serving pretty slices easy. Add a mixed green salad, and you've got the full meal deal.

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cheesy hash brown quiche
Photo by Leslie Kelly.

4. Hash Brown Sandwich

Who needs bread when you've got crunchy slabs of potatoes? Call this clever creation the best grilled cheese you've ever tried. Get adventurous with the basic premise and turn your hash brown sandwich into a BLT or a Reuben, even a cheeseburger. Yes, it can be a bit of a hot mess, so pass some extra napkins, please.

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772202 hash brown sandwich by Mollie Mary Frances edited
Photo by Mollie Mary Frances.

5. Amish Egg Casserole

A big crowd-pleaser, this popular preparation feeds a hungry crew with very little prep time. Always remember to beat eggs first before adding the cream, cheese, and hash browns for a more velvety casserole.

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1323494 amish egg casserole photo by Linda T edited
Photo by Linda T.

Don't get hangry. Explore more than 20 hash brown potato dishes to find one or many more that hit the spot.

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