By Leslie Kelly
July 21, 2016

Move over, root beer floats! Make way for some refreshing ice cream floats with very sophisticated flavor profiles. Check out these super chill combos. Some feature boozy bases, others are alcohol-free. They all make summer a whole lot more delicious.

watermelon float with feta cheese on top photo by Leslie Kelly edited
That's feta cheese on top! Photo by Leslie Kelly

1) Watermelon with Raspberry Sorbet and Feta

Seattle-based Dry Soda just released its summer flavors, so we built this beauty from the Malali Watermelon flavor (or you can make your own watermelon soda). We paired it with a raspberry tart sorbet (we used Häagen-Dazs). Adding the optional chunk of feta might sound strange, but it's strangely satisfying; it works in the same way a watermelon salad with that sharp, crumbly cheese works. You could easily add a shot of clear spirits like vodka or rum, but this float's fab on its own. Oh, and garnished with fresh mint, basil, or both.

2) Best Damn Cherry Cola with Vanilla Ice Cream

One of the stars of our boozy soda tasting panel, this one's a pretty classic pairing of two great flavors. An experiment using dark chocolate ice cream instead was tasty, but was just too much brown. To finish this sipper, chocolate sprinkles add just the right note of childhood nostalgia.

best damn cherry cola float photo by Leslie Kelly edited
Photo by Leslie Kelly

3) Rum-Beer Float

Take the natural spicy quality of root beer and amp it up with a shot of spiced rum and after one sip, you might wonder: Why didn't I think of that? The creamy vanilla ice cream plays extremely well in slightly taming those sassafras qualities.

Rum Beer Float
Photo by lutzflcat

4) Serrano Pepper Soda with Lemon Sorbet

Dry Soda's Serrano Pepper Soda isn't as fiery as the name might suggest, yet the citrus sorbet from Häagen-Dazs counteracts the mild heat nicely. Booze optional, try serving this float in a champagne flute, hanging one small scoop off the rim of the glass. So pretty, right?

serrano chili float by vicki mcdonald edited
Photo by Leslie Kelly

Guinness Stout Float

The midnight black of this beer really makes a striking backdrop for a scoop or three of vanilla. If you've got a favorite stout, go ahead and swap out the Guinness. This creation was certainly inspired by a few pints of the iconic Irish beer beloved by fans for its creamy finish.

102007255 guinness floats by Meredith Publishing
Photo via Meredith Publishing