When you first start get to a scratchy feeling at the back of your throat, there are plenty of easy home-remedies to help soothe and relieve the pain. Honey, lemon, garlic, ginger, and pepper are just a few of the ingredients in these tried and tested recipes.

Rave Review: "Love, love, love this tea! Simple, fast, inexpensive and healing!!! I double the ginger because I enjoy the little tingle that I feel in the back of my throat as I drink it. It is also a reminder to me of just how healing this tea is." -- Dawnuelle

Ginger-Turmeric Herbal Tea
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Rave Review: "This was interesting. I could taste the black pepper at the back of my throat, nice little kick." -- Yoly

Farmer's Market Turmeric Tea
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Rave Review: "Great for sore, scratchy throats! Very tangy and will definitely make again." -- Colleen Kersting

Apple Cider Vinegar Tea
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Rave Review: "I garnished our soup with some thinly sliced jalapeño (I know, likely not a traditional ingredient), but it gave it a nice bite. This makes the perfect soup when you're feeling a little under the weather. YUM!" -- France C.

Spanish Garlic Soup
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Rave Review: "It is super to drink at night if you have a sore throat. My friend said this is what the Irish drink if they don't feel good but don't wait until you have a cold to try this recipe!" -- Kat G

Hot Irish Whiskey
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